Top 10 Games for 2014


Metal Gear Solid V

Systems: PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One
Release Date: March 18, 2014

Why we’re excited: Video game fans everywhere get excited when Hideo Kojima announces a new project, especially when it’s part of his beloved Metal Gear series. And now we have two reasons to nerd out: Metal Gear Solid V has been officially split into two games: Ground Zeroes, the first installment, and The Phantom Pain, the second. Evidently, the man’s ambitions were too large for just one game…

Players will step into the shoes of Big Boss and encounter characters familiar to anyone who has played Metal Gear Solid 3 or Peace Walker, but there is one major disappointment: David Hayter, the longtime voice of all iterations of Snake, has been replaced by actor Kiefer Sutherland. While we’re sure Jack Bauer will do a commendable job, he’s got some big shoes to fill. Nevertheless, when it comes to compelling gameplay, stunning visuals and a commitment to craftsmanship that borders on artistic, few games will compare to Metal Gear Solid 5.