A Fun Approach



When you’re a kid, going to the dentist can be daunting. There’s a level of uncertainty that comes with your visit along with a fear of sharp dental instruments that adds to the fear. Pediatric dentistry is just one branch of the many services Rodeo Dental offers.

Lead dental assistant Karina Garcia is proud of the wonderful job Rodeo Dental does in order to make kids less afraid of visiting the dentist.

For some young patients, it’s their first visit to the dentist. This can be intimidating. Garcia says she is able to make her patients feel at ease by walking them through which instruments she will be using and reassuring them that the tools aren’t as scary as they seem.

“They see sharp objects, and they think it’s needles,” she said. “It’s just a matter of just talking to them, and making them feel comfortable with you and with the dentist, and explaining everything you’re using, and showing them what it is.”

The experts at Rodeo Dental are specially trained to work with kids ranging from birth to adolescence and strive to make every experience a good one — and fun.

With a staff fully trained to treat children, the dental services Rodeo Dental offers include routine pediatric clinics, pediatric oral exams and screenings, and full preventive care, including fluoride treatments and tooth sealants, fillings, crowns, other repair for tooth decay, and personalized guidance for parents on brushing and flossing.

Overall, the culture at Rodeo Dental is a positive one that encourages continuous personal and professional growth. Rodeo Dental focuses on continuing education and remains fully equipped with the best technology for dental care so that its dentists keep up to date on the latest techniques and procedures.

Dr. Kare Opaneye, DDS, MPH, is the pediatric dentist at Rodeo Dental Edinburg and enjoys working with kids just as much as he enjoys mentoring the staff and continuing to learn himself.

“We are definitely ahead of the curve in the dental field,” he said. “It’s exciting to learn from each other and quite surprising that you have cutting edge dentistry this far down in South Texas.” He says this has helped local patients seek dental care close to home rather than having to travel to larger cities to receive advanced dental work.

“You get to talk and be yourself with kids while you’re trying to get treatments done,” Opaneye said. “The good part is that I’m able to teach your parents the simple stuff. Our patients will come back, and they’re smiling and have adhered to simple instructions.”

“We are constantly being trained,” added dental assistant Jorge Vega Jr. “Some of us want to learn certain treatments, and we have our veteran dental staff — we have our doctors that are willing to give us that information so that we can just continue improving our services and treatment.”

Celina Doughty, the mother of a 3-year-old patient, cannot recommend Rodeo Dental enough.

“They’ve always had a good reputation, and the community goal that they have is to ensure that everybody has affordable dental care,” she said. “We support the Rodeo Dental business because they’ve always gone out to support the community, and they’ve always been very good with my daughter. They’re gentle and always in a happy environment.”

Everyone is mindful of the impact they have as a whole on their patients’ lives. Rodeo Dental pediatric dentist Jason Lee, DDS, became inspired to pursue pediatric dentistry due to his personal experience growing up.

“When I was young, I had an excellent pediatric dentist, and growing up in an environment where I actually looked forward to going to the dentist, it made me interested in going into dentistry in general,” he said. “Here at Rodeo Dental, it’s so colorful, so welcoming. Everybody always has a smile on their face and has a nice energy to them.”

“Rodeo Dental, simply put, is all about the patient —  the patient experience is the most important thing; it’s all about making the patient have a wonderful experience,” Lee said. “They don’t want the kids to come in and just not be afraid of the dentist; we want them to actually look forward to going to the dentist.”

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