A Heart Beat Away


With her practice stethoscope in one hand and magnifying glass in the other, second grade Harlingen Consolidated Independent School District student, Rose Martinez, dreams of one day helping others by becoming a doctor.

“I want to help make people better,” said Martinez.

It’s a path she’s wanted to pursue since her school’s Career Day when she saw a pediatrician speak to her class at Bonham Elementary. Her mind was filled with questions as the presentation continued, and once the opportunity was given, she took the chance to ask as many questions as possible.

“There was so much I wanted to ask,” said Martinez. “I just wanted to know how to become a doctor. What do you have to do?”

Her residency may be more than 15 years away, but her medical education may start sooner than she could have ever imagined. In a few short years, Martinez will be able to enroll in the district’s Harlingen School of Health Professions, which is scheduled to open in Fall 2014.

Eighth and ninth grade students will make up the legacy class in the first year. These students will be able to continue their enrolment throughout their senior year. The school is designed to add an additional grade level each year until 12th grade is reached with a maximum enrollment of 550 students.

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