A Higher Calling


Spirit Alliance Home Health Agency: A Higher Calling
By Krystal Krenek

Rosie Gutierrez speaks passionately about the life mission she and her husband, Eddie, have been called to by the Lord in operating Spirit Alliance Home Health Agency.  In the wake of changing national health care laws in recent years and multiple home health companies in the Valley already, the Gutierrezes prayed for God to reveal His will to them about their desire to pursue their own business and for Him to either open the door or provide the right obstacle to redirect their path.  Their answer came back very clearly: they had a new role to fulfill in Valley home health care.

“He is the Great Healer, and we feel home health should reflect that.  This is His business, and we are the workers.  He has blessed us.  This is our ministry,” Rosie expresses.

Prayer is a key factor in the way Spirit Alliance operates.  The nurses that go into patients’ homes pray with their patients, truly taking into account each patient’s needs, and ask God to heal and to control the care they are each receiving.

“Any procedure we do is in the hands of God.  It is God’s hands doing the work.  Jesus healed.  And He is the one giving us the knowledge and wisdom in the treatments we provide.  This is the mission that God has placed in our lives,” Gutierrez affirms.

The road is not always easy.  Gutierrez knows how one can get bogged down in work and be challenged by the business and the negativity that can accompany it in the rules, regulations, and paperwork.  But it is her faith that is sustaining and insistent that she and her staff provide the absolute best care.  They draw from their experience and willingness to learn and mature and decide that what they do, they will do right.  They know that for some patients, Spirit Alliance nurses are the only people they see.  So they strive to make that interaction meaningful.  In other homes, they aim to blend in with the family dynamics and be the best asset possible.  They feel they have been placed there to meet a need, and the Lord leads them to the right patients and to the right partnerships with physicians.

“This is what we’re here for.  It is special to care for patients in their homes.  Home health needs to mirror this.  We’re in a position to provide true, healing patient care in the home.  Special individuals do this job,” Gutierrez describes.

Rosie Gutierrez earned her Associate of Science in Nursing Degree in 1991 and her Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing in 1996.  She earned her Family Nurse Practitioner/Master of Science in Nursing Degree in 2005.  Spirit Alliance Home Health Agency is an accredited agency by The Joint Commission that has been operating for a year and a half.

Gutierrez’s belief in God has molded her life path, and she intends to grow her business and continue to do God’s will.  She wants to go above and beyond the expectations of each family she works with because of her higher calling.  This is her testimony.

Spirit Alliance Home Health Agency is located at 119 W. Van Buren, Suite 205, in Harlingen.  For more information or to schedule a consultation, visit their website at www.SpiritAllianceHHA.com or call 956.364.0078.