A Service and a Resource


The Law Offices of Abiel Flores, PLLC, might represent one of the most unique business tenants in the Center for Education and Economic Development — or CEED building — in Mission. The firm occupies a private office inside the coworking facility, though Abiel Flores and his team frequent the CEED’s conference rooms when meeting with multiple clients throughout the workday.

“I’m enjoying it,” Flores said of his firm’s time at the CEED. “It’s quiet. I got conference room access, I have my office.”

The CEED building comprises more than 10 different business tenants that offer a wide variety of focuses and services — plus a number of freelancers and remote workers. From 5×5 Brewing Company and its brewery and taproom to Sylvan Learning’s remedial services and academic summer camps, the range of entrepreneurs contributes to a rich tapestry of collaboration in one space.

One of the many advantages of operating a business inside a coworking atmosphere like the one at the CEED building is that tenants have access to shared resources like the conference rooms for meetings, the auditorium for events and speaking engagements, and diverse options for open seating. This goes along with benefits like printing services and high-speed WiFi.

“I like to have my green tea, so Jitterz is here — that’s a nice perk,” Flores said. “Having these conference rooms available, meeting with clients, and then having access to the technology they have here for me, I think that’s the biggest perk.”

Flores has practiced general law for 14 years, and enjoyed a stint as the city attorney for the City of Mission for three-and-a-half years.

“I learned a lot with the city, but it was time to move on and open my practice again,” he said. That’s when he got in contact with Mission EDC CEO Daniel Silva about the possibility of relocating his firm to the CEED building.

“I came to see it and I was impressed, obviously, with how awesome it is,” Flores said. The CEED building encompasses 55,000 square feet of refurbished, modern working spaces, including city of Mission- and E-STEAM-themed murals. “So we talked a little bit and he said that he had a space available, and I jumped on it.”

Being located in the CEED building was beneficial for both Flores and the Mission EDC.

“I was looking for a space, he was looking for somebody to have available for small businesses to guide them, so I think that’s why it worked out,” Flores said.

He welcomes future interactions with others at the CEED.

“I’ve had little discussions with some of the tenants and have been able to help a little bit, but I am available for the tenants for those types of things,” he said.

From his own experience at the CEED, Flores recommends the space to others who might be looking for unique opportunities beyond a traditional storefront.

“Networking with these businesses would be helpful for another type of business,” he said. “The different resources they have here would be good for any small business to start off here.

“I’m enjoying it here and I hope I stay here for a long time. I hope CEED gets more small businesses in here.”

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