A Smile for All Ages


Rodeo Dental & Orthodontics hires not only the best doctors in terms of medical certification but in regard to a high level of care, understanding, and attention, as well. Rodeo prides itself on both quality dental care and continuous improvement in its doctors and their character.

The dental work that Rodeo Dental provides entails that all specialties of dentistry — family dentistry, orthodontics, pediatric dentistry, and endodontics — are under one roof. There is no need to refer patients for specialized procedures to another office because Rodeo has the full capacity in-house, even for emergency care, and that’s for all members of the family. Dr. Adam Carson, lead dentist for Rodeo Dental-Edinburg and winner of The Monitor “2019 Reader’s Choice Award” for Favorite Dentist, chose to work in general and family dentistry because it allows him to work within a variety of aspects in dentistry rather than being limited to one specificity, and he likes that he is able to help people of all ages.

Dr. Daniel Lee of Rodeo Dental-San Benito explains that it is important to treat the whole family from kids and teens to parents and grandparents. Rodeo Dental seeks to get the whole family involved in dental education and to treat them as one unit, whether they need emergency care, routine care, or specialized care.

The doctors at Rodeo Dental are truly excited about dentistry and serving their patients well. Dr. Bartolo España-Austin, who is a lead doctor at Rodeo Dental’s Pharr location, says that the reason he chose to become a dentist because he was impressed by his college dentist’s good work ethic and how well he treated his patients. “He was a role model for me.” España-Austin wanted to work at Rodeo Dental because, other than having the “best patients in the world,” he knew that he would be surrounded by others who are passionate about their work. He enjoys that Rodeo dentists meet up every couple of months to discuss their practices and as well as any updates in the field. España-Austin says that one way that sets Rodeo Dental apart from other dentistry offices is that all of its doctors take part in community service.

Rodeo is deeply aware of the trauma that many people have experienced during prior dental appointments at other offices, and doctors and staff do their best to comfort and reassure all of their patients. One way that España-Austin attempts to comfort his patients is to try to find out about each patient’s history with their previous dentist. This gives him the information he needs in order to address any lingering fears that patients may have as a result of poor treatment. He says that he always tries his best to accommodate his patients needs when it comes to dental anxiety.

Lee says that he does his best to put himself in his patients’ shoes and tries to be aware of how they might feel. He strives to make his patients feel relaxed, secure, and comfortable. He even sings to his younger patients. He says that doing so often helps calm down scared children because of singing’s therapeutic qualities. Carson says that he thoroughly explains every procedure to his patients so that they have full understanding of what to expect while at Rodeo. This helps alleviates anxiety and builds trust between him and his patients. Also, “giving options helps a lot” and puts a large aspect of a patient’s care in their own hands.

Lee says that he was looking for a good work culture and immediately connected at Rodeo Dental because of its warm, friendly environment created by the company, its doctors, and its staff. “They’re very gentle, very calm, and very encouraging to help you grow and improve — not only in your work but in your life goals, in your dreams, and aspirations,” he said.

Carson had a similar situation in that he was looking for a change from his previous dental office out of state. He says that living and working in the Rio Grande Valley with Rodeo Dental has been a great experience and really good for him and his family.

At Rodeo Dental & Orthodontics, it’s not just an appointment. It’s an experience.