Above And Beyond


Every time there is an event at the International Museum of Art and Science, there are volunteers at the ready to help visitors get the full IMAS experience. These volunteers are not just there to show you to an art installation, read off a pamphlet, or tell you a pre-written statement about the reptiles slithering around in their incubators.

The volunteers at IMAS go above and beyond so that the visitor comes out of the museum with newfound information on subjects that the volunteers themselves are passionate about. Think about all of the times you’ve been walking around the grocery store and wondered about a certain product’s contents. Well, a volunteer at IMAS would give you those contents, where they came from, and insights about the surrounding products! With subjects ranging from natural sciences & astronomy, to art appreciation, volunteers are a positive reinforcement to the entirety of the IMAS background.

According to Gabby Jones, a representative at IMAS, “The Mission of the International Museum of Art & Science is to promote a deeper appreciation for the arts and sciences through its exhibitions, cultural events and educational programs; and to preserve, expand and display its permanent art and science collections. If it weren’t for our volunteers, our events wouldn’t be as successful as they are. “

They are able to execute this by making sure that their volunteers are placed in “Communities” that the museum has put in place to do different jobs. The volunteers are usually late high school, and college students seeking that real world experience of working at a museum, and the museum encourages everyone to go and volunteer.

Viviana Caballero, Volunteer Coordinator at IMAS, explained “A lot of students do not know that they can come to IMAS for a range of credit hours.”

Students interested in the arts, sciences, media, and general museum services can all go and apply for a volunteer position, which in turn gives them hours to exchange for credits.

To learn more about the IMAS volunteer program, visit www.imas.org or call (956)- 682-0123