Above the rest


For Othal Brand III, operations manager at Rioplex as well as president at BrandWood Wireless Inc., it’s an opportunity to give back to his community in a way that comes natural.

“Our wireless Internet network is unique in the sense that our antennas are so high up, 480 feet, whereas a lot of the wireless Internet service providers are much lower.  This allows us to reach further and service more customers,” Brand said.

Rioplex Wireless Ltd. Is a wireless Internet service provider (WISP) that serves the Rio Grande Valley metroplex.  Since 2002, the Rioplex network has provided residential and commercial customers with wireless Internet connections from 64kbps to 50Mbps.

Using a total of eight tower sites, Rioplex has connected subscribers from Rio Grande City to South Padre Island, and from Faysville to Mexico.

“Using wireless technology, we can provide high speed Internet to remote areas that may not even have a phone line,” Brand said.

In conjunction with contractor BrandWood Wireless Inc., Rioplex has its maintenance component that promises integrity, reliability, and skills in solving a diverse array of problems.

BrandWood Wireless Inc. is a veteran and minority owned small business that conducts the majority of its operations in South Texas, but if the job calls, will travel anywhere in the United States and Canada.

“We help install wireless equipment for wireless Internet providers like Rioplex and cell carriers like AT&T and Sprint,” said BrandWood’s Vice-President David Alvarez.  “With all the expansion, LTE and such, there is a high demand for contractors like us to go out and install communication systems.”

BrandWood provides an array of elevated services in the cellular, microwave, FM and AM radio, 2-way, and tower construction.

“You can’t send ‘average joes’ up to go up there to replace parts; you need certified climbers that are experienced in elevated environments and safety rescue,” Alvarez said.  “This is what BrandWood has dedicated itself to specializing in.”

“We are going to keep doing what we know best,” Alvarez said.  “We are grateful for our customers’ business and look forward to continuing our service.”