‘Absolutely Amazing’


If you’ve ever built a home from the ground up before, you know just how stressful the entire process can be. From delays to budget problems, anything that can go wrong often will — especially if you don’t have the right homebuilder for the job.

However, homeowners Lizette Ramirez and Abraham Soto were thrilled with the experience they had when Infinity Homes built their dream home.

“We decided to choose Infinity Homes from the day we walked into their Tres Lagos model home,” Ramirez recalled. “It was just amazing. It was beautiful from the quality and from the design. Everything was just perfect.”

Simply walking in to that model home made Ramirez and Abraham Soto feel at home — particularly with the greeting and tour they got.

“Michael was the first person we met — he was the first person we had contact with, and he was very friendly,” Soto remembered. Michael Bear Vela is a member of the Infinity Homes team. “He walked us through the model home. We kind of had this vibe that this guy knows what’s up. He knows what he’s talking about, and we felt like we could really have that relationship going forward.”

It’s important to have a close working relationship with the people building your home. You should be able to communicate every step of the way, and expectations from the very beginning should be crystal clear.

“The process from beginning to end has been absolutely amazing,” Ramirez said. “We’ve been guided by Michael and the builder, Mr. Eddie Garza, from day one. There’s no doubt that we couldn’t have chosen anyone better than Infinity Homes to build our home.”

While shopping around for the right homebuilder for their needs, Ramirez and Soto ran into some roadblocks.

“One of our main concerns was always finding a builder that would build a home within our budget,” Ramirez said. “When we did shop, honestly, it was like, ‘we can’t,’ or their square footage was less and Infinity was a little bit higher, but we were getting more for our money.”

Soto agreed, explaining that Infinity Homes solved problems they were having with other homebuilding companies.

“From certain builders, we were told ‘no, this can’t be done. No, there’s no way this would work,’” he said. “When we presented that to Infinity Homes, they didn’t give us any ‘no’s.’ They told us, ‘yes, we could do that.’ So that’s really one of the main reasons we ended up going with Infinity Homes.”

Good communication throughout the construction process and an end result that they could call their dream home made Ramirez and Soto enthusiastic about recommending Infinity Homes to others.

“The process has been totally amazing,” Ramirez said.

Find Infinity Homes online at InfinityHomesRGV.com, or on Facebook or Instagram @InfinityHomesRGV. For questions or more information, call (956) 888-1115, or stop by Infinity’s model home at 1607 S. Claire Ave., Edinburg, TX 78539.

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