Arturo’s: A Culinary Tradition Reborn


The original Arturo’s in Progresso, Mexico, has been a favorite for many Valley residents since 1956.  Some of their waitstaff have been serving the restaurant for 30 years.  Its elegance and high quality service is something the Weslaco location brought to the table when it debuted five years ago.

Compared to the original in Mexico, the one on this side of the border offers a much different style that accommodates a wider demographic of people who might be a bit more particular about what they eat.  The Weslaco location also offers salads as well as botana platters, which are not carried at the original, while 80 percent of the menu is still the same.

With affordable, outstanding lunch specials, including quick lunch and larger plate options, the restaurant is serving up everything from pork cuts in succulent adobo sauce to chicken with squash and corn, both traditional Mexican dishes served with beans and rice alongside fresh tortillas of your choosing.   This is perfect for anyone who is on a tight schedule, since the food comes out rather quickly, and if you have time for dessert, then do not hesitate to order the house flan.  You will not regret it.

According to Alberto Garza, owner of the restaurant, the Tampiquena is one of their signature dishes consisting of a beef fillet, “butterflied” open with a side of rice and beans, guacamole, and an enchilada.  The cabrito, or goat, is another popular favorite which is prepared in a special oven that gives the meat its unique flavor.  Customers can request whichever piece they want, from the paleta to the pierna.

Another great thing about this menu is the variety from which you can order, making it stand out above other Mexican restaurants that might not have much outside of the norm.  From various seafood dishes to something like frog legs, there are enough options for even the pickiest eater, including vegetarians.

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