Ask RGVision: An Update


Marketing strategies for social networks are and always have been the fundamental guide for effectively positioning a brand or business on the world wide web.

Thanks to the relative flexibility of social networks in terms of paid campaigns, many businesses have been able to stand out from their competitors and launch effective, wide-sweeping brand awareness and lead acquisition campaigns. This is not necessarily because of the quality of their content, but because of the budget with which they drive their campaigns.

Pay more money, get more results.

That’s how it’s been for the past several years on social media platforms, search engines, and other platforms where ads are shown.

However, that reality has changed this year, and online marketing has been turned on its head thanks to one company, Apple. Apple is the precursor of future trends, and it won’t be long until other tech companies follow suit.

The company has changed its privacy policies in its iOS 14 update in 2020. The new policy applies stringent privacy protection for iOS users, which will severely limit access to consumer behavior data for online platforms. This makes the reach of digital ads slim to none. Paid social and search advertisements go back to being a shot in the dark. The most influential social networks like Facebook and search engines like Google have openly criticized the new update.

Facebook for Business advised its business users on Aug. 26, 2020, with the following:

“Given the impact the policy will have on businesses’ ability to market themselves and monetize through ads, we’re sharing how we’re addressing iOS 14 changes and providing recommendations to help our partners prepare, while developers await more details on this policy. First, we will not collect the identifier for advertisers (IDFA) on our own apps on iOS 14 devices. We believe this approach provides as much certainty and stability that we can provide our partners at this time. We may revisit this decision as Apple offers more guidance.”

What do these changes mean for you and your business? It’s simple. If you have been relying on paid online ads to help your content reach more eyeballs over the past few years, it’s time to reconsider your gameplan.

Without access to users’ privacy settings, businesses will no longer have the ability to collect information on their target audience. This makes it more difficult to reach them, making traditional media a great option for business.

We want to let our previous and current advertisers know that because iOS (and Android likely to follow) has put these stringent privacy policies in place to reduce the amount of ads solicited to the masses, businesses need to return to traditional media to be sure that their advertisements are shown where you want and where you know they will be seen.

The solution is to position your brand organically in order to remain relevant in your market and to still be able to attract and maintain customers. At the end of the day, content marketing is still just as effective — if not more — when it comes to meeting these goals.

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