Ask RGVision: SEO Kung Fu



When you’re looking for a new outfit, are you more likely to buy from the trunk of someone’s car, or from the shelves of a reputable retailer? If your company doesn’t have a website — what RGVision CEO Gabriel Puente calls a digital storefront — you may be turning away potential business because of a lack of perceived internet credibility.

But it’s not enough to simply choose a cookie cutter template and throw your website up online to get your business out there.

“Something we asked ourselves as a company a while back when we were running the publication when it came to content creation and storytelling was, we’re writing these stories, but who cares?” Puente said. “We take that same approach whenever we’re creating websites. We go into depth and we ask our clients to get to know them a little bit more, understanding their services, and asking them what are people looking for and how are they coming up with a solution to some of those problems?

“It’s important to not only just have a digital storefront, but you want to engage the users.”

RGVision creates high-quality web content on both the front end and the back end — services that are rare for just one company to offer. The digital team is experienced in employing the principles of SEO — geotagging, long-tailed keywords, load speed, and other factors — and crafting engaging content to help tell your company’s story and build your credibility with potential leads online.

It’s an intensive, dedicated process that the team affectionately refers to as “SEO kung fu.”

“We call it SEO kung fu because we really believe it’s an art,” Puente explained. “There’s a lot of things that our digital marketing team does on the back end. Where the art comes in is creating the content and understanding how to do that because it truly is an art — and that’s where we come in as a creative agency.”

Implementing local SEO in this process helps businesses rank organically in Google’s coveted “3-pack” — the three top businesses that appear beneath the map on the first page of a Google search result.

This is different from Google Ads — paying to appear as the top search result on the first page.

“I’ve seen how expensive Google Ads may be but at the end of the day, consumers are smart — we know what we’re looking for, so whenever you do see that little ad button at the top of the search, you will know that that was paid for,” Puente said. “It’s not a true resource and it’s not a true credible source that maybe I would look for. I would look for the top three in the 3-pack that don’t have that little ad symbol.”

RGVision has helped several clients rank high organically on Google, helping people who search for those types of services notice them better.

“Reach out to us — we would love to talk to you and just give you our insight as far as what we’ve been able to find in the past 10 years of doing this,” Puente said. “We’re here for small businesses and what’s important for us is to give those small businesses the education, the tools, and the resources to make an educated decision when it comes to marketing your business.”

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