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Recessions and economic slowdowns are tough for small businesses. In an effort to stay afloat, many businesses may look to cut marketing dollars first.

“There’s certain things that business owners have to take into consideration when they look into budget cuts,” said RGVision Media CEO Gabriel Puente. “Whether they want to furlough compared to a billboard, for example. They’re probably going to choose the billboard.”

However, curbing or even halting all marketing efforts during an economic downturn, a pandemic, or even just after a couple of slow weeks of business might not be the way to go for most companies.

“It’s really important to understand that this is a good time to market their company,” Puente said. “The traditional media they may want to promote and give away — there’s going to be better deals and better packages for businesses to promote and advertise.”

RGVision was among those companies offering clients special services to help cope with COVID-19.

“What RGVision did during the time when things were going to get tough, we gave video services to our clients to help them communicate,” Puente said. “That’s an example of what we’ve done as a media company.”

Puente and RGVision knew that to help their clients push through the pandemic, they needed to make sure that the RGV community understood that those clients were still there for them. As other small businesses closed their doors and moved to radio silence, connecting clients with potential customers was more essential than ever.

“There’s benefits to advertising during a time of recession,” Puente said. “The benefit is normally, whenever you go against the grain, when everybody is thinking of cutting their marketing dollars, this is an opportunity for some businesses to really capture their audience.”

Puente also referenced some of the shifts in messaging that people began to see from bigger corporations on TV, radio, and web advertising. Many corporations changed gears, describing how they were helping employees and customers stay safe during the pandemic. Others sent out positive messages of unity and perseverance.

“It’s an opportune time for businesses to really focus,” Puente said. “It gives them an opportunity to understand what their core values are — who are we, what are we doing, and how can we communicate that to the people that we need to serve, which are our clients, customers, and community.”

Puente specifically cited H-E-B’s message of Texans helping Texans — and how the grocery giant put its money where its mouth is by helping local business owners get through the pandemic by selling ready-to-heat meals. Local restaurateurs Larry and Jessica Delgado of, Salt: A New American Kitchen, and Salomé began selling their recipes at a number of local H-E-B stores during the early part of the pandemic.

Puente recommended that small businesses take note, personalizing their messaging and appealing to potential customers not necessarily because of what they sell and offer, but because of who they are as a company and what values they embrace.

As a company, RGVision Media offers a wide range of marketing services to clients. These services include everything from content creation and graphic design to web design, video and photo services, and social media marketing. All services are customized to best benefit the business with personalized campaign strategies, innovative digital advertising concepts, and much more.

“Take advantage of this opportunity — digital media outlets are out there to guide you,” Puente said. “Our goal as an organization is to educate. We are always open to consulting and talking with small businesses about marketing strategies. Every business is unique, and it’s important to understand who you are as a small business.”

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