AT&T announces its blazing fast 4G LTE technology to the Valley by summer


AT&T opens its third store in Harlingen and announces its blazing fast 4G LTE technology to the Valley by summer
AT&T Wireless will bring its highly anticipated 4G LTE network to the Rio Grande Valley by late summer, according to company representatives.
For those eager to be on the cutting edge of wireless technology, the announcement is huge. It means that customers in the Valley will have access to the latest generation of wireless network technology, as well as download speeds that are 10 times faster than 3G.
“LTE is an enhanced network that provides super blazing fast download speeds,” Dahna Hull, AT&T VP and general manager for South Texas. “We are excited to announce that we are bringing 4G LTE to the Valley. We have the fastest 4G LTE in the nation, and customers really notice the difference.”
AT&T’s innovation and investment has resulted in the nation’s largest 4G network, covering 288 million people with ultra-fast speeds and a more consistent user experience.
“I use home wifi, and oftentimes my LTE experience is faster than my wifi at home. It’s blazing fast,” Hull said. “The customer growth down here has been phenomenal. The growth in this region, we have wonderful customers down here. I think from a technology perspective, as more people start to purchase and utilize tablets, they will really enjoy using the LTE network from a tablet.”
AT&T, along with Harlingen leadership and a full delegation from its Chamber of Commerce recently held a ribbon cutting celebrating the opening of its newest storefront located at 102 Bass Pro Drive. In attendance at the event were Rep Eddie Lucio III, Harlingen Mayor Chris Boswell and EDC board chairman Rick Ledesma.
“We have two stores here in Harlingen. The amount of traffic we saw in those stores and the support we were able to provide customers, warranted building a nice big new store to support those other stores,” Hull said. “In Harlingen, we have great customer support down here. It’s a thriving business for us. We really needed a bigger store to support all the traffic that we had in both of the other two stores.”