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RGV Hair Restoration Offers Permanent Results

You’ve seen the ads on TV, the ones that show before and after pictures that boast almost miraculous hair restoration and re-growth. As the old saying goes, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

“A major misconception about most of the products available for hair loss is that they re-grow your hair,” said Tony Gonzalez III, owner of RGV Hair Restoration in McAllen. “From vitamins to shampoos and various other types of costly therapies, most do not result in hair growth. The majority of the products available are intended to slow or stop the hair-loss process.”

RGV Hair Restoration, founded by Gonzalez in December 2015, offers medically proven hair transplant treatment to help individuals with hair-loss problems.

The majority of RGV Hair Restoration’s patients, or people who visit the clinic for a free consultation, have hair-loss issues that include male pattern baldness, medical conditions that cause baldness or hair loss in specific areas resulting from accidents, Gonzalez said.

“One thing we constantly hear from just about all our patients is that they have tried most products on the market and have not achieved the results they were hoping for,” Gonzalez said. “With a hair transplant the results are permanent.”

RGV Hair Restoration specializes in what is called the Follicular Unit Extraction method, or FUE. Gonzalez said most people associate a hair transplant with the traditional strip method, in which a piece of scalp is removed from the back of the head to serve as the donor area. The traditional method leaves behind a long, permanent scar.

“The method we use is a non-invasive procedure that does not leave a scar and provides for a faster recovery time,” Gonzalez said.

Depending on how many follicular unit grafts are desired by the patient, a typical hair transplant procedure is about the length of a regular work day, he said.

“The procedure is performed by hair technicians under the supervision of our overseeing medical director, Dr. Jimmi Rios,” Gonzalez said.

The hair technicians attend extensive training at an institution that specializes in hair transplants, where they learn everything from patient care to the details of extraction and implantation and hairline design.

“Our technicians have a combined 18 years of experience and have performed procedures all over the world,” Gonzalez said. “Our patients love them.”

The FUE procedure starts with a mild numbing agent for the scalp. Once the scalp is properly numbed and prepared, the hair the hair grafts from the donor area, usually on the back and sides of the head.

The follicular units are then carefully planted into the tiny recipient sites of the balding area. Once in their new place on the scalp, the follicular units will continue to grow into follicles that produce healthy hair.

“Because our method is non-invasive, recovery is fairly quick and patients can return to work within a day or two,” Gonzalez said. “Patients can typically expect to start seeing results within six months.

Another aspect of hair loss treatment available through RGV Hair Restoration uses protein-rich plasma, which improves graft take after hair transplantation and speeds wound healing.

“Treatments with protein-rich plasma have shown to wake up dormant hair follicles in hair loss patients, resulting in hair growth and hair-loss cessation,” Gonzalez said.

The treatment consists of drawing blood from the patient’s arm, processing it in a centrifuge to obtain the protein-rich plasma, and then injecting it into the scalp’s area of hair loss. The process can be repeated every four to six months.

“This is a procedure that we highly recommend doing in conjunction with the hair transplant procedure,” Gonzalez said. “This will allow the patient to have a much quicker recovery and will increase the success and growth of each implanted graft.”

For patients on the fence about committing to a hair transplant, Gonzalez said protein -rich plasma plus ACell, a regenerative medication, is a successful treatment to preserve and thicken hair in patients who are genetically predisposed to hair loss.

“Studies have shown significant success in patient hairlines, hair density, and the slowing of hair loss,” Gonzalez said.

Protein-rich plasma plus ACell injections offer a treatment where no maintenance is required, he said. The results last for months, even up to several years.

“It’s a great alternative for a patient wanting to re-grow hair naturally, without the need of daily maintenance and cost,” Gonzalez said. “The process typically takes less than an hour. Patient is in and out with results that will last.”