Bárbara Delgado  


Bárbara Delgado has been redefining the art of capturing life’s moments since she launched her company, BD Photography, in 2011. Her passion for fashion and her innate creativity have allowed her to create portraits that are indeed works of art. This passion for photography, fashion, and an eye for capturing style has allowed Delgado to create images that capture the essence of her subjects, like brushstrokes on canvas.

“I started off working at an art gallery,” Delgado said, “Art’s always been a passion, whether it’s fashion design, photography, painting, anything art. I am drawn to it.”

Delgado started working at an art gallery, where her photography talent evolved. She would take photos of the artist’s work, and then a friend opened a boutique where she began taking pictures of models.

“People started asking me to take photos, and they wanted to pay me for it,” Delgado said. “I remember my very first paid job like all those things; I would do it because I loved it. Then in 2011 was when I said, ‘OK, this is something I want to do, and I love it.’”

Delgado’s approach is unique, and rather than just clicking a shutter, she creates a lasting memory, an entire experience from beginning to end.

Her business continued growing, and she opened her in-home studio and worked seven days a week. She was navigating her growing company and producing quality work, but she acknowledges that things were overwhelming initially.

“Running a business can be a lot. There are taxes, processes, and all those things that I learned the hard way, to be honest. It was kind of like trial and error.”

Her success isn’t just rooted in her artistic talents. As a leading business owner in the Rio Grande Valley, she has successfully navigated the challenges of starting and growing a business with determination and grace. Delgado relied on her mentors and friends and said she was fortunate to network with other women in business.

“I don’t think there’s anything more important than just being around others doing what you’re doing and gathering information and leaning on each other to help each other out where we are lacking.”

Delgado pushed forward, and her love of photos and connecting with people in the community inspired her to continue even when she faced several points in her career where she just wanted to quit.

Delgado found her footing, and once she put together her team, she had more freedom to delegate tasks and focus on improving her craft. Her team included her husband, Giovanni Ferrigno, who helped implement the best business practices and created more structure that allowed the business to flourish.

“It turned into something else where I wasn’t just taking pictures. I realized that through photography, I was helping families and people preserve history.”

Throughout her journey, Delgado has demonstrated that creativity and entrepreneurship go hand in hand. Her ability to craft breathtaking portraits has solidified her position as a leading woman in her industry.

Her studio, located at 8 S 5th Street, McAllen, is welcoming. Her clients are guided through the entire process of what to expect, styling tips, and even personal styling to make the clients feel confident for their big photo shoot.

“We build excitement and make sure that clients are feeling 100 percent when they come in to take the photos,” Delgado explained. “When the client comes in, they get to see what they’re going to be wearing, what they will be doing, where they will be standing, and all of those elements to help them feel prepared.”

Delgado’s fashion experience continues to play a role in her photography business. She now styles 70 percent of her clients with their clothes or renting clothes from a third party. Delgado added that she doesn’t have a particular style when it comes to photography.

“It literally gives me a high. I don’t know how to explain it, but I genuinely love photographing people, and when people really love their image, that’s everything,” Delgado said.

Her business journey has been one of determination, and Delgado’s legacy will continue to shape and influence other photographers and business owners. Delgado encourages others to pursue their dreams with tenacity and creativity.

“Just jump into it. A lot of people want to have it all figured out before starting something, but it’s a learning process,” Delgado said.

“You’re not going to have all the answers. You have to start and take it one step at a time. Find mentors and keep doing it. If you’re passionate about something and consistent, there’s no reason you can’t succeed.”

Selene Guerrero