Behavioral Health program


Dr. Tajul Chowdhury, interventional pain specialist, is one of the first doctors of his kind in the Rio Grande Valley and has been treating patients for over 30 years. His facility focuses on helping patients manage chronic pain issues by developing personalized treatment plans.

The main objective of the programs offered is to provide the patient with a comprehensive interdisciplinary pain management plan along with educating the patient on the different options that the practice can provide. All of which may be necessary in order to help them live a more productive life. An Inter-discipline team provides a comprehensive initial assessment, proper testing, and continuum of care. They also provide the patient with the guidance needed to make proper decisions.

Another part of this team is Mary Lou Gonzalez, LBSW, CART,CRS. Mary Lou specializes in mental health. She has helped patients who suffer from chronic pain for over 15 years and has been working for 6 years in the field of traumatic brain injury alongside her partner Ronaldo A. Villareal, LPC.

When severe pain attacks the body, it can be an excruciating experience for the individual dealing with the onslaught. People who suffer from joint, muscle, circulatory, brain and cancer discomfort can feel hopeless and tend toward physical despair. At the Center for Pain Management in Edinburg, the interdisciplinary approach, meaning multi-discipline specialties are provided in-house, helps the team find a solution to the suffering.

As a licensed social worker and certified Anger Relationship Specialist, Mary Lou has worked closely with Dr. Chowdhury and his P.A. Rose Gonzalez in order to provide high quality treatment for patients utilizing their extensive skill set to achieve maximum results.

“I enjoy working with the inter-disciplinary team approach because our patients suffer from mental and physical deficits and they are able to receive the care they need from all disciplines. I love what I do and I enjoy helping people manage the conditions they are facing.”

She indicated that there are several programs that the behavioral center focuses on – a cognitive psycho behavioral program, a traumatic brain injury program and a physical and occupational therapy program.

“The multidisciplinary program is a full 8 hour regimen that covers everything from physical to psychological trauma. It entails increasing motion in the patient, strengthening exercises, using stimulating work activities to restore function, and monitoring pain threshold.”

The cognitive restructuring program caters to patients who have suffered a traumatic brain injury.

“This type of program helps the patient cope with their illness. Some things they may need to learn all over again due to their loss of brain function. With the cognitive restructuring group, the patient utilizes the WOPR program which consists of four steps – write, organize, picture and rehearsal in improving cognition and memory. Patients are encouraged to become active participants in their care and to learn what they can do to better manage their traumatic brain injury and take more control over their lives.”

The center also has a well equipped physical therapy area where patients will receive a specific exercise program to help restore strength and flexibility.

Dealing with chronic pain can also be a matter of attitude and proper mental disciple.  Support groups are one of techniques that Mary Lou and her team utilize to assist patients.

As you can see a complete range of techniques and tools are used to deal with chronic pain patients.

Along with Mary Lou’s experience and expertise, Dr. Chowdhury is constantly reviewing new developments in medicine and sees the potential for these new treatments. He wants to make sure that his patients receive the most advanced treatments.

To contact the Center for Pain Management call them at 956-631-9041 or visit their website at You do not have to live with pain, you can live well now.