Bosky Strings


Bosky Strings opened its doors to the public in 2021. Located in Edinburg, the full-service violin shop specializes in orchestral string instruments. Bosky Strings serves the Rio Grande Valley’s growing orchestral string community, benefiting local schools and mariachi groups. The shop also works with members of the Valley Symphony Orchestra, and since its opening in 2021, this specialty store has had quite a growth spurt.

The idea to open up a violin shop had been brewing in co-founders Joel Ozuna and Ray Zhang minds for some time. The two took a trip to China in 2019 and saw first-hand cellos and other string instruments and instrument cases being made.

“From there, we established some connections with people we would like to do business with and we ordered our first container of instruments,” said Ozuna. Initially, the business partners were going to open up an online store. The store had initially planned to open in 2020, but the business partners decided to pause those plans due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ozuna and Zhang decided that the best move going forward was establishing their brand and reputation within the community. Ozuna, a musician, had worked at a violin shop for many years in San Antonio, and Zhang worked as a luthier.

“The best idea would be to open up a violin shop, build that name brand, and begin selling online. That’s basically what we’re doing now.”

Bosky Strings carries its own violin brand. The body of the violin is crafted outside of the country and what sets Bosky Strings apart from other competitors is that they do all the setup in-house. They install the violin pegs, and the bridge, and then sample it to ensure that the instrument produces the best possible sound and sets their instruments apart from factory-made violins. Great attention to detail, time, and effort is placed into each Bosky Strings instrument.

This popular string shop is known for its restorations, repairs, and offering a complete line of string instruments, bows, and accessories. The shop also offers violin lessons to students and adults. Lessons are offered for either 30 minutes once a week or one hour, once a week. There are currently three different instructors who give lessons.

Bosky actually means having an abundance of trees or shrubs. At the time, I jokingly thought to myself, ‘Well, I have an abundance of violins in my garage, if I ever opened up a violin shop, I’ll call it Bosky.’”

The business is nearly outgrowing the 800-square-foot space but Ozuna and his business partner have managed to get creative with the space and created a second floor for storage. Ozuna said that they are beginning to get clients from outside of the Valley and have worked with customers from as far as New York City.

The team also launched a podcast called “Charros y Classicos” featuring musicians from the Rio Grande Valley who tell their stories about how they are succeeding as musicians. The podcast can be found on all major podcast streaming platforms.

Bosky Strings offers beginner and advanced musicians everything that they need to hone their skills with their own brand, expert instructors, and a dedication to providing the best quality products and service.

“We hope our shop and the podcast inspires others and helps those aspiring musicians become inspired.”

Selene Guerrero