Both Oars in the Water

Both Oars in the Water

Looking at a map, the Rio Grande River (known as Rio Bravo or “Brave River” by residents on the southern riverbank) looks as though it would divide the United States from Mexico. However, rather than divide the two nations, it serves to connect them. From an economic and cultural standpoint, the river sees thousands of people and commercial goods traveling between the two countries across its system of bridges on a daily basis.

For those who live in the region, the border, delineated by the river, is a means to connect, trade, and collaborate with others. Being at the connecting point of the U.S. and Mexico allows for a distinct and rich culture to grow and for future-oriented commerce to thrive. Rio South Texas is a unique region due to its history and geographic location, and COSTEP invites the rest of the world to explore the opportunities it provides.

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