Breakwater Wall on the Bay is Completed : 1000-foot wall is strongest south of Galveston

By Elizabeth C. Martinez
You may not believe that a boat could float calmly in its slip while 75-mph winds impact the Laguna Madre Bay bringing about large waves, until you see it for yourself. The strength of a 1000-foot breakwater wall surrounding the marina of Puerto del Sol Condominiums keeps the water inside the dock tranquil and serene.
Puerto del Sol is a resort-like community that rests on the bay overlooking views of the South Padre Island skyline. Construction began in 2009 and consists of 56 condominiums divided into three buildings featuring 2- and 3-bedroom homes. Buildings 1 and 2 are complete, and Building 3 is approaching completion.
Construction of the breakwater wall was just recently finished and it is said to be the strongest breakwater south of Galveston.
“We are excited and our residents are thrilled that the project is complete,” said Ron Berman, developer. “Our team has worked incredibly hard to create a unique hideaway environment at Puerto del Sol and we look forward to inviting guests to experience this beautiful area.”
The breakwater wall not only functions to resist the Laguna Madre waves, but it also envelopes the marina creating a safe haven for boats. The marina features a deck, fish cleaning station, and green underwater lights to attract saltwater game. A pier extends 400 feet out into the bay from the breakwater wall providing a relaxing spot to watch the sunset or view the local dolphin and marine activity.
Berman said the breakwater wall is composed of the most innovative and longest-lasting materials available.
“We used a vinyl composite material that will not rust, rot, or corrode in a marine environment,” said Berman. “It is extremely durable. We have overbuilt and over-engineered this wall to ensure it withstands any storm.”
The vinyl panels that make the wall are 36-feet long and 8-feet in depth with two-thirds of it below ground. The portion below the ground is attached to a frame structure that is 40-feet in length and 25-feet into the ground.
“Our property has a family-friendly ambiance where owners and guests can enjoy the many amenities available just steps away from their porch, such as our pool, hot tubs, fitness center and fishing pier,” Berman said.
About Puerto del Sol Condominiums and Marina
Puerto del Sol Condominiums and Marina is a premier community providing resort-like living and offering fishing and boating enthusiasts an enriching experience with its 1,000-foot breakwater wall and fishing pier. It was founded in 2009 and consists of 56 condominiums featuring 2- and 3-bedroom homes. It is a short distance from the beach, shopping, dining and entertainment. Community amenities include a swimming pool, hot tub, dock and filet station. For more information, visit