Breathe – how a simple word can help balance your life


By Sylvia Morales

Breathe. A simple word, a vital function for our bodies and yet how often do we take a moment to pay attention to the way we Breathe?  We tend to breathe mindlessly even though breathing is essential for life, but when proper attention is placed on the breath, a beautiful transformation within the body begins.  Every breath we take is a gift, careful consideration and attention should be placed on the way we breathe and move throughout life.  Breathe, is an appropriate name for the new Yoga/ Pilates studio that recently opened in McAllen, Texas.  It is located at 6400 North 10th Street Suite D.  The practice of yoga has been in existence for over 2,000 years and has slowly made its way to the West and now to the Rio Grande Valley. Yoga is the ancient art of learning to connect   with the breath and body teaching one to become centered, focused and present in the moment.  Pilates was introduced in the late 1930’s by Joseph Pilates and also emphasizes on the strong correlation between the body, mind and breath.  Yoga and Pilates both treat the body as an integrated whole, placing an emphasis on connecting the movements with the breath. Proper breathing helps control movements both during exercise and in daily life.  In learning to breathe properly by taking full inhalations and full exhalations, noxious gases are being expelled from the depths of the lungs and allows for the body to be replenished with fresh air which will then energize and revitalize the body.  By learning to connect the movements with the breath, posture improves and a strong, lean and toned body is the byproduct of this process. Breathe will offer an array of different classes with various class times.

The classes that will be offered at Breathe are:

Floor/Mat Pilates: a series of exercises based on stretching and core conditioning, each movement is coordinated along with the breath creating an invigorating and challenging class. Props will be utilized in this class: resistance bands, balls and hoops/rings.

Pilates Reformers: the same system of exercises, utilizing a Reformer Bed, in order to obtain results at a more rapid pace, it also allows for more of a focus on the particular muscle that is being worked on.

VinyasaYoga: is lively and energetic and poses (asanas) are realized by synchronizing the breath with each fluid movement. Vinyasa promotes strength, stability and flexibility, and it helps return the body to a state of peace, harmony, health and overall well being.

Hatha Yoga: This particular combination of poses produces greater balance and power in an individual. Hatha is slower and gentler and great for practitioners who enjoy a slow and steady practice. This class will help bring balance to the body as well as helping to promote a healthy spiritual life.

Prenatal Yoga: In this class for mothers to be, the yoga postures are taught in a gentle manner, working primarily with the hip area and also focusing on strengthening the legs and lower back.  The breathing exercises taught in this class helps promote the health and well being of the mother and her baby during pregnancy.

Yoga for Kids: exercises and movements are applied that help with physical development, coordination and concentration as well as helping with their mental and emotional well being.  Above all, kids get to play and have fun using their imaginations and they learn how to express what they think, feel, and want.  Breathe will be offering a fun filled summer camp for kids from July 5-29, 2011.

True health comes from the inside out and being healthy is no longer just about being physically fit it is about treating the entire body, mind and soul well for an overall sense of well being.  By learning to connect with your breath as you move, not only will your physical appearance change, but you will have a deeper and more profound appreciation for your body and for life.  Yoga is about being present and focused in the moment, the time to begin to treat your body as an integrated whole, is now.  For more information please call or email Maricel Garcia at: 956-686-0757 or