Bringing the Joys of Travel into The Valley


Traveling enriches our lives uniquely, filling us with awe, inspiration, and joy that we often seek in our daily routines.

The sights, sounds, and experiences from different parts of the world can leave lasting impressions, influencing our tastes and enhancing our creativity. As a designer, my most compelling inspirations come from these adventures. I strive to channel this joy into creating spaces that offer my clients a daily retreat into the pleasures of travel. Why not transform our homes into sanctuaries that echo the experiences of our favorite destinations?

Travel exposes us to various cultures, architectural styles, and color schemes. The lively colors of a Moroccan market, the dominant Art Nouveau in Barcelona, or the rustic appeal of an Italian villa can all influence design. Every trip is a source of inspiration, providing fresh insights into how spaces can create feelings of emotion and comfort.

We create beautiful environments that feel like personal havens by incorporating these elements into home design or any space.

Our main objective in design is to create spaces that evoke feelings of happiness and relaxation. By incorporating elements from cherished travel experiences, we can recreate the same sense of joy and contentment. Consider the cozy and intimate ambiance of a Parisian cafe or a beachfront bungalow’s open and airy feel. Each of these elements can be integrated into the design of a home to establish a sanctuary that provides a break from the everyday hustle and bustle.

Bringing the joys of travel into everyday life is not only possible but immensely rewarding. Drawing on the experiences and pleasures of our favorite destinations, we can create spaces that provide happiness, inspiration, and a sense of sanctuary. Whether through colors, textures, or ambiance, infusing your home with travel-inspired elements can make every day feel like a getaway. So, why not take the leap and turn your living space into a constant reminder of the joy and wonder that travel brings?

Step into our space to see the wonders of the world.

Claudia Chanin