Bumper Repair Process


Bumpers form the first line of defense for your vehicle by absorbing contact from collisions. As a result, your vehicle’s bumpers are more prone to receive a decent beating over the course of it’s timeline. Although the extent and severity may range from minor fender benders, to full on collisions, it is crucial to properly care for them.

Based on the condition of the bumper, our Star Collision Repair, LLC  Technician will perform one of the following services:

A bumper repair occurs when you have minimal damage. Minor scratches and dents are an easy and straight forward fix for our technicians. We use highly efficient methods to get your bumper looking brand new and ready to hit the road in no time!

Sometimes your bumper can’t be revived by a basic dent repair. Your next option, which is best for your safety, is to replace bumper damage with a brand new bumper that matches the exact make and model of your vehicle. We’ll work diligently to ensure a high quality replacement, while also keeping the process fast.

Regardless of the service performed, the process goes as following:
1.Vehicle gets Dropped Off
2.Repairs Begin
3.Body Shop/Repair
5.Re-Assemble Vehicle
6.Vehicle gets Cleaned
7.Quality Assurance Check
8.Vehicle is Ready to go!

With our years of auto body repair experience, we are sure to assess the damage and find the best solution for your vehicle’s damages. We have examined and resolved so many different types of bumper damages, and given the city’s traffic, we understand the struggle!

At Star Collisions we are here for you, and your bumpers. We provide the best tools and best service to perform the tasks at hand. Stay on top of vehicle’s bumper repairs to ensure your safety and your car’s overall appearance and performance!

For more information on bumper repairs starcollisionrepair.com visit https://starcollisionrepair.com/bumper-repair/, or give us a call at (210) 361-9061.

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