Conquering Sugar

Sugar, how to conquer the most addictive substance out there

Sugar, according to nutritional therapist Melissa Gauna can be just as addicting as drugs. Despite being consumed on a daily basis, Gauna says most people aren’t aware of how damaging sugar consumption can be.

“Sugar is a stimulant; it makes people feel good. It gives them a high, then they crash so they want that high again,” the McAllen resident explained. “Sugar triggers the same parts of the brain drugs do, it’s why they’re so addicting. Your body will start craving it and you’ll eat more sugar. That becomes a problem.”

Sugar is highly inflammatory and can lead to many degenerative diseases, Gauna said. Excess sugar turns to fat, which leads to obesity, increased blood sugar, impaired sleep, and interference with neurological functions. Those interference can create anxiety as well as loss of focus and sleep. Gauna hopes to educate people on the dangers of high sugar consumption and how to better balance their health through the RESTART® Program, a 21-day program dedicated to helping clients control their sugar cravings, reduce sugar consumption and more.

“It takes 21 days to break a habit,” Gauna said. “The program is a good starting point to help people wanting to better balance their diet. It’s not a weight-loss program, but clients do end up losing weight while having more energy, appreciating the taste of real food and learning how to improve their blood sugar.”

The RESTART® Program is a five-week program where the group, consisting of eight to 10 people, meets once a week for a total of five sessions. In each session, Gauna leads a series of discussions covering topics such as digestion, stress, the importance of fatty acids, and sugar dysregulation. Clients are encouraged to keep a food journal to track their meals and Gauna presents clients with a list of foods to eat or avoid throughout the program.

Clients are encouraged to eat whole-foods, unprocessed and unrefined, “as they come in nature.”

“This program works because it’s not just information we’re sharing, we’re building trust that will lead clients to feel confident as they take part in the five-week program. We’re teaching them how to better fuel themselves, be energetic and eat sugar in true moderation.”

If they follow the program closely, Gauna believes her clients can be empowered with the knowledge they gain from the RESTART® Program. “Once you learn to balance your meals, not only will your body no longer crave sugar and other unhealthy foods, you’ll eventually be able to appreciate the taste of real food and feel better in general.” According to Gauna and her clients, this kind of balance can lead to overall vitality where individuals feel confident enough to want to manage other areas of their lives.

More information on the RESTART® Program can be found at or by contacting Melissa directly at 956-252-1945.