Cornerstone Regional Hospital Excelling in Orthopedics 


Advanced orthopedic practices are among the signature services at Cornerstone Regional Hospital in Edinburg. Dr. Raul Marquez, M.D., the hospital’s founder, board president, and Vice Chief of Staff, has worked for 26 years to set the standard for medical professionals throughout South Texas.

Marquez brought his vision of an acute care hospital to the Rio Grande Valley in 1994. He initially faced a challenge in recruiting physicians as partners. Still, he cooperated with several business experts to overcome the obstacles of hospital construction. The hospital was founded in 1998 and immediately attracted a full staff of specialists. Physicians at Cornerstone are now among its stockholding owners.

“At that time, there was no such thing as a hospital owned like that,” Marquez said. “So I was lucky that I was able to build it.”

Marquez specializes in orthopedic surgery, which treats deficiencies in muscles and bones. Cornerstone Regional Hospital has, therefore, earned a strong reputation for its groundbreaking orthopedic procedures, including arthritis surgery, joint reconstruction, hip and knee replacements, and rehabilitation for sports-related injuries.

“We deal with the entire musculoskeletal system,” Marquez said. “It’s basically directed to all populations, from pediatrics to seniors.”

The field of orthopedics has changed substantially since the hospital’s founding. One of the most significant technological advances is the development of robotic arthroscopic surgery, which utilizes a fiber-optic video camera inserted at the end of a flexible tube called an arthroscope. This method allows orthopedic surgeons to operate on joints with an HD view via a computer monitor.

“We have five different robotic systems in the hospital now,” Marquez said. “We can operate through a camera and do arthroscopy on virtually any joint in the body.”

The advancement of arthroscopy has allowed orthopedic surgeons to create smaller incisions than those used in past decades. Specialists insert the arthroscope in an opening roughly the size of a buttonhole, making orthopedic procedures less painful and time-consuming for patients.

“In the old days, patients with a total knee replacement would stay 10 days,” Marquez said. “Then it went to seven days, then three days, and now we basically do them as outpatient surgeries. The stay is very short.”

Marquez and his colleagues have embraced a leadership role by seeking accreditation in orthopedics. Cornerstone Regional Hospital has earned recognition as a Center of Excellence, inspiring the surrounding medical community members to pursue superior standards.

“We’re applying for a second time to be a Center of Excellence in orthopedics,” Marquez said. “That’s changed the landscape quite a bit, because now we have a lot of other hospitals and orthopedic surgeons doing the same.”

The Leapfrog Group named Cornerstone as a Top Hospital in 2023, honoring the hospital’s commitment to the safety of its patients. The U.S. News & World Report has also recognized Cornerstone as a high-performing hospital for knee replacement. Marquez notes that patients are appreciative of the widespread progress in the field of orthopedics.

“We have a myriad of patients that are very thankful for their services,” Marquez said. “We have people walking and dancing after staying at the hospital for two days, and they can get rid of their canes and walkers. It’s very rewarding to see the patients satisfied.”

Cornerstone hopes to increase its success by adding to its patient volume. The hospital is currently working to construct two additional operating rooms and shorten the waitlist for patients seeking surgery. The expansion goal represents a strategic response to the community’s medical needs.

“Cornerstone keeps growing, and we hope to allow more doctors to operate there,” Marquez said. “We’ve got to know how to grow intentionally, and not just for the sake of growing.”

The hospital’s expansion affects several cities near Edinburg, where growing populations demand rapid medical care progress. Cornerstone’s exceptional record of technological adaptation demonstrates its ongoing dedication throughout the region.

“We have a good team,” Marquez said. “Our hospital has an impact on the whole Rio Grande Valley.”

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