Lift, Jump, Squat, CROSSFIT!

Lift, Jump Squat, CROSSFIT!
Crossfit involves a series of exercises and objectives.

You may have heard of the  strength and conditioning  program known as CrossFit. The workout that consists of a mix of  full body exercises including weight lifting, gymnastics, and cardio training is also a competitive sport, with athletes taking home prizes for their herculean efforts at events held all over the country. Locally, the South Texas Games is one such competitive event with $18,000 up for grabs over the course of three weeks.

“We’re bringing elite athletes together from all over to show people what CrossFit is about,” says David Carr, co-owner  of Kiss My CrossFit box gym and the South Texas Games.

The South Texas Games will be held at Kiss My Crossfit in Pharr, on Oct. 15 and 16, but the contest begins weeks before. The Online Qualifier for the South Texas Games begins on Sept. 7 and continues with weekly rounds and prizes. “Doing that part of the competition online broadens the amount of athletes who can be exposed to the competition,” says Jeremy Clemens, co-owner and trainer at Kiss My Crossfit.

With a total of $18,000 to be awarded over several categories, competitors in the South Texas Games stand to go home with larger prizes than they may have found in any other local competition. In early August, with weeks left before the start of the event, over 100 people in the categories of men, women, and teens had already signed up to submit their scores and videos of their workouts as entries to the South Texas Games’ online qualifier. “We verify that they’re doing it right with video proof.

They have to meet certain standards,” explains Clemens. Kiss My Crossfit embraces safe training practices and trainers share their dedication to CrossFit, equipped with everything that athletes need to hone their form and ability, including ropes, boxes, and rigs for weightlifting and gymnastics. “We’re going to use this whole space for the games,” says Carr. The event is going to be a family-friendly community event with DJs, refreshments, and activities like CrossFit 101 classes. “People who have been interested in crossfit can come in for the festivities and learn a little bit about CrossFit culture,” says co-owner of the South Texas Games Jerry Sanchez. With box gyms helping sculpt powerful individuals all over the RGV, the crossfit community in South Texas is growing.

The sport has especially grown in popularity among women. “At Kiss My Crossfit I would say we actually have more women working out here than men, some of whom have made it pretty far in other local competitions. They’re definitely competing in this one,” says Sanchez. “We’re anticipating a large crowd, but we have plenty of room for our fans. It’s going to be great.” Learn more about CrossFit and competing in the South Texas Games at their website, www.