Dedicated to Quality, Compassionate Maternal Care


South Texas Health System has recently enjoyed record-breaking success in the Rio Grande Valley when it comes to maternal care. Along with record births at its maternity centers in Edinburg and McAllen, both facilities have added new accolades to their long history of achievements while providing individualized care for mothers, newborns and infants requiring intensive care.

“We just concentrate on having our patients and our babies safe every day,” said Normalinda Aguirre, Director of Women’s Services and Nurseries at STHS Edinburg.

Both maternity centers are home to great amenities and large and welcoming suites for mothers in labor. Deliveries and recoveries take place in the same comfortable areas and surgical suites are available in the event of cesarean section deliveries. Patients move into larger suites after giving birth, with staff members committed to providing individualized postpartum care. Prior to delivery, expectant mothers also have the option to enroll in Childbirth Education Classes or seek midwife consultations.

The Maternity Center at Edinburg performed a record number of births in 2023, delivering 1,189 babies to surpass its record from the previous year. Aguirre credits a patient-centered outlook for the increase, noting that social media and word-of-mouth have spread glowing testimonials.

“Our administrative leadership is very, very involved with our patients, and I think that makes a big impact,” Aguirre said. “Patients tell me that they made a great choice and have no regrets.”

STHS Edinburg and STHS McAllen both offer a family-oriented philosophy, providing tours for future patients and encouraging decisions that best support the personal needs of expectant mothers and their families. Staff also offer personalized check-ins in a process called leader rounding, which allows hospital managers to engage in one-on-one conversations with patients.

“We take time out of our schedules to go see our patients,” Aguirre said. “For the most part, I’ve noticed that they’re very happy. Any pain that they go through in the labor process is out the window.”

Several national awards attest to South Texas Health System’s sterling reputation. STHS Edinburg is the only hospital in the Rio Grande Valley to have received recognition as a Best Regional Hospital from the U.S. News & World Report from 2022-2024. Meanwhile, Both STHS Edinburg and STHS McAllen have received the Gynecologic Surgery Excellence Award from Healthgrades for five consecutive years, and each has been named a Healthgrades Five-Star Recipient in the practices of cesarean section deliveries, hysterectomies, and gynecology.

“Our patients tend to have a less painful stay,” Aguirre said. “It helps to be recognized, and to have patients want to come here for these less invasive surgeries.”

The hospitals at Edinburg and McAllen emphasize close cooperation. The Maternity Center at McAllen features a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) for premature births and other urgent conditions, such as respiratory distress and hypoglycemia. STHS Edinburg, therefore, includes a special transport team to facilitate necessary transfers between facilities.

The NICU at STHS McAllen seeks to treat infants in critical condition and articulate their medical needs to families. Its staff members include nurses, nutritionists, therapists, pharmacists, chaplains, and social workers, in addition to neonatal specialists.

“The services of the NICU are critical to families because they provide a foundation of education to the parents,” said Graciela Moreno-Chavana, Director of Women’s Services and Nurseries at STHS McAllen. “We strive to ensure these patients follow up with appointments and connect them to needed services.”

The NICU has earned a Level III designation for its efforts in neonatal care. Moreno-Chavana notes that the hospital was the first NICU to open in the Rio Grande Valley. Its techniques have advanced throughout its forty-year history.

“Babies are now weaned off oxygen quicker so that ventilators can be removed sooner,” Moreno-Chavana said. “This decreases complications, which can occur with high levels of oxygenation.”

Each maternity center is confident that childbirth education will continue to improve maternity care throughout the state. Both report an increase in registrations for Childbirth Education Classes, hoping to equip the next generation of parents with optimal research-based practices.

“I’m proud to say that our team works very well together,” Aguirre said. “We do our best to stabilize both mom and baby.”

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