Dental Care


Maintaining good oral health is paramount to overall health. The neglect of oral health can have serious implications for the entire body. To provide dental care, Rodeo Dental & Orthodontics is a Texas-based company with a multitude of practices in various states. Despite its expansion, the company has a unified vision: to provide the people of its communities with the highest quality and most accessible dental care, addressing and preventing dental issues and potential challenges.

“Rodeo Dental & Orthodontics was founded on the belief that everyone deserves access to high-end dental care regardless of means or status. Our award-winning doctors provide you and your family top-notch dental services and specialties all under one roof. All Rodeo Dental facilities use state-of-the-art dental and information technology and boast hospital-grade sterilization environments,” said Dr. Hisham Ayoub, regional director of Rodeo Dental & Orthodontics.

Despite the availability of advanced and accessible care, patients sometimes omit or delay receiving treatment. This can be for various reasons, such as economic or time-related.

Regardless, delaying dental care can only aggravate an existing problem.

“At Rodeo Dental, we are fully sensitive and empathetic to the needs of the community. A lot of us may be experiencing hardships on personal and economic levels. We offer multiple in-house discount plans, and in some cases, working with a great local organization such as Dentists Who Care, we can help with free care if the patients meet certain criteria”.

Some individuals may not feel their symptoms yet merit a visit to the dentist. However, Dr. Ayoub states that even the most minor discomforts can be signs of a much greater issue.

“Some patients may be surprised to learn that they have a small cavity that was diagnosed on x-rays, and say, “But I don’t have any pain.”  The best time to treat tooth decay is before symptoms develop because once pain starts, it usually means it has become an elevated problem.”

With routine preventative care, the possibility of major complications is significantly reduced.

“At Rodeo Dental, we recommend that our patients try their best to visit our clinics twice per year in order to give our detail-oriented doctors the chance to examine, diagnose, and treat any small developing dental disease using our advanced imaging technologies and treatment facilities,” said Dr. Ayoub.

However, when the onset of pain has started, dental concerns become urgent, and a patient should seek immediate care. Rodeo Dental is equipped with an emergency phone line to handle a patient undergoing severe issues, and their clinics are ready for any emergency visit.

“When a patient feels pain, it is the body screaming for help. Pain should always be taken seriously, no matter how “little” it may be. Every person is different, with different sensitivity. I have personally examined patients who have had a very severe infection but only felt “a little pain.” If left untreated or just allowed to fester because the pain is not severe enough, the infection can make its way through the root of the tooth and into surrounding bone and gums, causing facial swelling in dental patients. At this stage, the infection can suddenly reach a level where a patient’s swallowing and breathing are affected,” said Dr. Ayoub.

“If the pain is severe, or the patient is feeling swelling or breathing problems, a visit to the emergency clinic or hospital is absolutely necessary. With 17 locations across the RGV and Laredo, Rodeo Dental is set up to welcome emergency walk-in patients any time of the day.”

Within the Rio Grande Valley, Rodeo Dental & Orthodontics is deeply established, providing a connection between patient and practitioner and enhancing the quality of care and service.

“Our grassroots foundation in the RGV has set Rodeo Dental apart in its ties to the community. Many of our amazing team members grew up as patients at Rodeo. We believe in giving back to the RGV community that welcomed us with open arms from the very beginning and continues to look to us for help in times of need,” said Dr. Ayoub.

Rafael Mendoza-Farias Jr.