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This Autumn, Try a Realtor!

This Autumn, Try a Realtor!

The real estate market typically slows down in the fall, following the fast-paced buying and selling rush of the summer. You still have a chance of making these deals happen in the coming months by working with a realtor. Judith Benavides-Garza of BIG Realty explains why this profession is one you want to get familiar with if you’re on the move.

Realtors are here to serve YOU

First of all, a realtor is an individual who is dedicated to becoming familiar with local real estate and forming relationships within the community to better match individuals to properties. It is a little like romantic match-making; if you know two of your friends will get along, why not introduce them? One of Benavides- Garza’s favorite parts of the job is getting to know her clients and their stories.

“It helps me better understand what they need and where they need their home. Where does the family work and play – is a short commute a major factor? Do they have or want children? Schools may be more important to that family.” Orchestrating this perfect scenario is not as easy as hopping online and browsing pictures, though Benavides-Garza says that does occupy about 20% of her work day. “I try to keep myself up to date with new inventory daily,” she says. According to, for every hour an agent spends in your presence, he or she will spend an average of nine hours out of sight working on your behalf. From finding potential matches online and visiting them in person to spending time with other realtors comparing listings, a realtor stays busy finding the right houses for their clients.

Benavides-Garza finds that it is very rewarding seeing her clients’ satisfaction. “We save them time finding a new home. Instead of shopping online and visiting websites that are outdated, we give them access to homes that are available in real time. There are times when Harlingen board realtors get listings in the greater McAllen area, but they will not show up on a regular McAllen board search.” There is nothing better than making the right match for both buyer and seller. “It’s very fulfilling when my clients say, ‘This is the one – I want to make an offer,’” says Benavides-Garza, “and selling is just as difficult to do on your own. Often, a seller has tried the ‘For Sale by Owner’ signs with no luck and then they call to say, ‘I need your help.’

Once a match has been made, a realtor stays involved in the process until every signature is collected and all parties satisfied with the outcome. While the most exciting part is closing on a deal, “negotiating can be fun when both parties are familiar with the market,” says Benavides-Garza. Offers and counteroffers can make or break a sale with a significant difference in price, but they require paperwork and follow-up that can be tedious for individuals with busy schedules. “People get cold feet all the time, but a good realtor will work with you until you find the home that meets your every requirement,” says Benavides-Garza. Reclaim your life; utilize the services of a licensed realtor like BIG Realty!