Dr. Jose Ayala: Named Physician of the Year for Valley Baptist-Brownsville


BROWNSVILLE – Dr. Jose Ayala, DPM, CWS, Podiatrist and Director of the Foot Care Institute at Valley Baptist Medical Center-Brownsville, has been named the 2011 Physician of the Year for the Brownsville hospital.

Valley Baptist’s Physician of the Year nomination process seeks input from the hospital staff on physicians who embody the “ultimate” in patient care, professionalism and courtesy to patients, their families and hospital employees.  As this year’s Physician of the Year, Dr. Ayala is described as a physician who is totally committed to the team at Valley Baptist-Brownsville.

Valley Baptist-Brownsville employees reported that Dr. Ayala has made it “very clear” that his priority is patient care and excellent outcomes for each patient.  He is known for being an advocate for efforts to improve safety throughout the hospital.

“Dr. Ayala makes a conscious effort to be a positive role model for other members of the healthcare profession,” Valley Baptist employees stated.  “He treats everyone with respect – and he is respected by patients, their families, the medical staff and other healthcare professionals.”

Hospital employees also described Dr. Ayala as accessible and responsive. “He is supportive of the nursing staff and a strong patient advocate,” employees stated.  “He has made himself available to help with issues that go way beyond the scope of his title.  Time and time again, he has taken the time to just sit and listen and has offered any and all the advice that he could.   He pushes us to excel in whatever we do and motivates us to keep doing what is right. He is honest and genuine in his relationships with others.  He is an inspiring example of integrity and compassion.”

At the Foot Care Institute, Dr. Ayala offers specialized care for foot and ankle problems which can help prevent tragic disabilities and amputations in diabetes and other patients in the Brownsville area.

Dr. Ayala notes that many patients who are afflicted with foot and ankle problems have diabetes.  “It is important for these patients to know the implications diabetes can have – and to seek early treatment,” he said.

“If we detect a problem in its early stages, we can often take care of it within two weeks,” Dr. Ayala added. “But if not properly treated, that same problem could eventually lead to an amputation.”

When a patient loses a foot or leg, there can be tragic consequences for the patient and the entire family, as amputation affects the person’s ability to work and function in daily life.  “We would like to send a message to people from throughout the area that we have a Foot Care Institute to help them before they become another statistic,” Dr. Ayala said.

In his spare time, Dr. Ayala promotes physical fitness – and even teaches a “Cage Fitness” mixed martial arts class.

The Foot Care Institute is located in Suite 170 of Valley Baptist’s Edelstein Professional Building,  800 West Jefferson in Brownsville.    For more information, call (956) 698-5052 or visit www.ValleyBaptist.net.