Early start on global success: HCISD expands pre-kindergarten program to full day schedule


Transforming early-childhood education at the Harlingen Consolidated Independent School District, its Board of Trustees unanimously approved a proposal to expand pre-kindergarten services to a full day schedule for eligible students.

Starting Fall 2015, eligible pre-kindergarten students will now be able to participate in a full day of classes, with their day ending at 2:00P.M. The full-day model is designed to keep students mind’s active as much as possible throughout the day in a fun and engaging environment, while increasing early success by focusing on the development of a child’s cognitive, social and emotional skills.

“Our goal with our pre-kindergarten expansion is to offer our students as many opportunities as possible early on in their academic careers to create the building blocks for future success,” said Board of Trustees President Greg Powers. “As a Board, we embrace the mission and message behind high quality pre-kindergarten programs and believe it will give each eligible child an engaged learning experience that simultaneously progresses their social, emotional and academic development.”

The implementation of the educational offering is aligned with the district’s strategic plan and its goal to create unique learning experiences for all students that promote present and continued success. Focusing on early development, quality preschool programs prepare children to do their best as they progress in their education by nurturing and fostering a lifelong desire to learn.

“Our district’s approval to offer eligible pre-kindergarten students the opportunity to participate in all-day learning has the potential give them a further edge on academic achievement,” said Superintendent Dr. Art Cavazos. “For some students, the additional focus on early development that pre-kindergarten offers can be the difference between meeting standards and exceeding all expectations. By keeping students in an environment that promotes knowledge and a life-long love of learning, their chances for global achievement increases by introducing and reinforcing the key skill of literacy early on in their academic careers.”

Pre-kindergarten classes will be transformed by adding the opportunity to introduce students to learning stations throughout the day. Diverse stations will focus on a variety of subjects including math manipulatives, science and discovery, blocks, and art. By establishing stations, students are able to participate in a consistent routine of engaged learning.

“Keeping our district’s momentum on the emphasis of literacy moving forward, the possibility of introducing the option for our eligible pre-kindergarten students to continue their learning experience throughout the entire school day is an opportunity to increase achievement and success early on,” said Chief Academic Officer Dr. Alicia Noyola. “By potentially allowing our students to participate in this model, which would include a variety of stations dedicated to subjects, we are able to keep true to our mission of developing individualized learning plans for all students that ensure post-secondary, career and global achievement.”

Registration for eligible pre-kindergarten students will take place later this spring. For more information on how to register for pre-kindergarten for the 2015 – 2016 school year, please contact your child’s designated campus or call 430-9500.