El Milagro Clinic


El Milagro Clinic has operated since 1996 providing primary care services and has continually expanded those services to meet the needs of the uninsured and under insured.

In addition to the current healthcare challenges that the Rio Grande Valley is experiencing, many Valley residents are facing loss of jobs, and further, the loss of health insurance leaving them without a primary source of healthcare.

For the past 24 years, El Milagro Clinic has been a beacon of hope in the Rio Grande Valley, providing a wide range of preventive and curative healthcare services to the indigent population and the uninsured.

When the clinic was initially incorporated by Ron Tupper in 1996, it was a three-exam room clinic operating out of an old facility near McAllen City Hall. When a bond was passed by the City of McAllen to construct the current facility on donated land by the city, Tupper served as the project manager for the clinic construction, designed the facility floor plan and secure local operating funds necessary to contract with providers and hire staff to begin operations. This was done by securing a personal line of credit at a local bank to help make the clinic operational. Soon after the facility qualified for Department of Health funding in Austin through grants and contracts to allow for expansion. The new 20,000 foot facility was then leased to Community Health Management Corporation, dba. El Milagro Clinic for 25 years specifically for the purpose of providing primary care to the uninsured and indigent population of the county and is jointly owned by the City of McAllen and County of Hidalgo.

Tupper chaired the board for the initial 13 years of operations working with a local board of community and faith-based members, legislators and doctors. He was unanimous recognized as Chairman Emeritus on the 23rd Anniversary of the clinic by the current board of directors for his start-up efforts to formally incorporate and operationally develop the clinic program. El Milagro Clinic is now recognized as an important part of the medical community available to the uninsured population in Hidalgo County.

Today, the current community board under the leadership of board chairman, Roberto Garcia, is focused on adding more services to the clinic. Marisol Resendez, Executive Director and her staff manage a broad range of services that has been steadily added to over time through local foundation support and grants. Primary care services are available to all ages as well as immunizations, wellness screening, preventive health education, diabetes and dietary education, cooking and exercise classes and access to prescription services for prescribed medications.

Dr. Robert Gonzalez, a Family Medicine Specialist, has served the clinic as the Medical Director for the past 18 years and is affiliated with Doctors Hospital at Renaissance. In addition to treating patients daily he has been focused on developing consultations and referrals with local specialists in the community willing to accept patients who require specialty care beyond the capabilities of the clinic.

If you are in need of primary or preventative services and currently do not have access to health insurance, please contact El Milagro Clinic. The clinic is located at 901 E. Vermont Avenue in South McAllen. The daily hours of operation are posted on their website at https://milagroclinic.org/ or for more information call 956-213-6400. It is always recommended to call ahead for an appointment. If you are interested in supporting the clinic’s efforts to make available additional health services to our uninsured population please contact Marisol Resendez or Robert Garcia at the clinic.

Ron Tupper has worked for the past 10 years with Doctors Hospital at Renaissance as Director of Grants & Foundation Programs and Executive Director, Renaissance Cares Foundation. He is also a Vietnam veteran and serves as the Project Manager for the Veterans Health Education and Benefits Fair sponsored by Doctors Hospital and held annually at the Edinburg Conference Center. He continues to voluntarily support the efforts of the El Milagro Clinic for the uninsured and indigent population here in the LRGV for over 30 years.