Elevating Patient Care


Rodeo Dental has received national attention for its impact in the Rio Grande Valley and beyond. The pioneers of the Texas-based company hope to lower the price of start-of-the-art dentistry while setting the standard for patient experience.

Five dental practitioners founded Rodeo Dental in 2008, hoping to provide high-quality dental services at reasonable costs. Chief among their goals were patient satisfaction, technological adaptation, and the pursuit of services for members of all socioeconomic backgrounds. Dr. Suliman Salman, D.M.D., M.S., the company’s regional orthodontic director for the Rio Grande Valley, reports that accessibility is vital to high-quality care.

“There are a lot of barriers to access dental care,” Salman said. “Sometimes people can’t access it because of money, or because they don’t know what to do or who to talk to. We focus on making care accessible.”

Rodeo Dental operates 15 locations in the Rio Grande Valley and 45 locations in Texas, Arizona, and Colorado.

“Every office provides the same high-quality service,” said Dr. Mahesh Gondi, D.M.D., who leads a regional council for Rodeo Dental. “They want to provide a high-end dentist with a great experience.”

The experience at Rodeo Dental is rooted in superior customer service. Its doctors and staff work to enrich the procedures of routine appointments and are therefore committed to individual customer interests. Salman notes that the company aims to relieve patients of any inconvenience, including their commute to appointments if necessary.

“Dr. Gondi and I drive thousands of miles a year,” Salman said. “Maybe even tens of thousands of miles. We drive to the remotest areas so that the patient doesn’t have to travel.”

Each company’s location is a one-stop destination for dental and orthodontic needs, including fillings, cleanings, oral surgery, and braces. Among their orthodontic services is the Spark Clear Aligner System, an innovative and patient-friendly option for tooth alignment.

“The key is to make the teeth movements comfortable,” Gondi said. “That’s what we provide with these clear aligners. It’s all about the patient.”

Spark aligners work with the help of digital scanners and cutting-edge software. Patients first undergo a digital scan of their teeth while a computer program determines the desired state of alignment. The software can then create incremental formations between the original scan and the target alignment, determining the structure of the clear aligners given to patients. Gondi and Salman note that Spark aligners are less visible and less prone to staining than rival products, demanding fewer lifestyle changes than traditional braces.

“Each aligner is hand-polished by a technician,” Gondi said. “That is very important because, at the end of the day, comfort is the key. Spark is providing that for us.”

Clear aligners are only one example of technological progress at Rodeo Dental, which recognizes the need to adapt in a rapidly changing industry. Dental procedures have grown more time-efficient with the development of digital x-ray machines and scanners, allowing Rodeo Dental to fulfill its mission of exceptional customer service.

“Dentistry is going digital, and we embrace it,” Gondi said. “You get a crown done today within a week. That’s how fast things work at Rodeo.”

The company also seeks to streamline scheduling appointments, relying on social media and text messages to establish contact with patients. Salman explains that virtual engagement has resonated with younger generations and that patients can even assess their orthodontic needs by sending photographs to Rodeo Dental.

“We’ve been trying to deliver care through the internet,” Salman said. “That’s an essential. We’ve been experimenting with it across the country.”

The company hopes to expand throughout the nation, adding to its success. It is one of 20 businesses selected by Fortune magazine for its Impact 20 list in 2023. This survey identifies younger companies with strong potential to impact their surrounding communities. The honor reflects a mission to increase nationwide dental care access and prioritize patients with high-quality service.

“If you’ve ever wanted to go to the dentist and feel like royalty,” Salman said. “Go to Rodeo.”

For more information about Rodeo Dental, visit rodeodental.com.

Bill Hill