EVOLVING to Exceed Expectations


By Kim Espinosa / Photos By Ivan Xavier Ramerez

Currently in the United States, a quarter of adult children, mainly baby boomers, provide personal care or financial assistance to a parent. And the healthcare industry is constantly growing and changing. On top of managing the emotional stress of such major life changes, caretakers often find themselves struggling to navigate the healthcare world in order to find the best option to meet the increasing needs of their loved ones.

Several years ago Yolanda and Saul Cabrera and their family, like so many others, found themselves making calls, asking questions and discovering various avenues to care for their aging parents. Their hard work turned into something of a research project, only they weren’t pleased with the results. “We were disappointed with the options that were available to us,” explains Bonnie Cabrera, who assisted in the process of determining the best care for her grandparents.

The Cabrera’s determination to provide their own family with health care that met their high standards and needs was the impetus for Sambritt Health Care. Yolanda and Saul Cabrera decided to take the initiative and fill the void they had encountered, knowing other families could benefit from convenient, cost-efficient care that goes beyond the limits of traditional home health. “We felt compelled to build a business offering the services and quality that we were looking for.  After thorough research of the industry, and going through the process ourselves, we felt that we needed to meet the growing demand for personal home care services that differ from all the rest,” says Ms. Cabrera, whose marketing degree and more than six years of management experience allows her to contribute significantly to Sambritt. Many families in the Rio Grande Valley have been relieved to discover this distinctive company since its inception in December 2008.

After only a year of business, the Cabrera’s made an important move in connecting with Miguel Contreras, who is now a partner in the company. He aligned perfectly with the Cabrera’s vision for total health care and pushed the company to the next level. Their relationship evolved to that of a familial bond.  Through this unique collaboration and their shared beliefs of honesty, integrity, pride and compassion, they are driven to provide excellence in service in any and all endeavors.  Mr. Contreras cherishes the relationships with their clients. He proudly explains, “Many of our clients consider us family because we always operate as if they are.”

Mr. Contreras entered the home health industry at the ripe age of 21, originally working on data entry for a home health care company. He began absorbing knowledge and filling in any gaps in his understanding of the industry by moving into various positions at the company. Mr. Contreras unintentionally entered into consulting after a friend asked him to offer some advice to another company. After one meeting, the company realized the value of the relationship, and Mr. Contreras launched his consulting career. He worked with numerous companies in the capacity of consultant, establishing a reputation for integrity and excellence. Because he is passionate about education both in the way he does business as well as for himself, in 2010 Mr. Contreras pursued his nursing education from the Valley Baptist Health System’s Vocational Nursing Program in Harlingen.

Sambritt Home Health stands out.  This is a company that goes the extra mile in ensuring people have the resources they need for a healthy lifetime, even if it requires for instance, sending a dietitian or social worker to the client’s home to further explain and assist. Consistently providing this exceptional service is a noteworthy task in itself.  Steady and strong, the leaders of Sambritt continue to adapt and overcome all obstacles through education of its staff, patients and all other health care providers that are involved in patient care.  Mr. Contreras often thinks back to his grandmother asking him about the meaning of life as an eight year old. “Para preservarla,” she said. To preserve it.  Mr. Contreras leans on his grandmother’s wisdom each day as he insists on investing in people with his resources to care for the whole person to the best of his abilities.

Though admittedly building a business requires tenacity, the team is inspired daily, finding fulfillment in helping clients achieve their best possible health and improving their quality of life. However, Sambritt focuses not only on working with aging clients to allow them the flexibility to stay in their homes for care, but the forward-thinking company also acknowledges the many reasons people may long for the days of a home doctor visit. “It is thought to be a thing of the past for doctors to perform home visits, because today so many doctors practice in large offices and treat high volumes of patients each day,” said Mr. Contreras. This personalization and flexibility doesn’t have to be a thing of the past though. Sambritt coordinates with physicians who long to treat and thoroughly educate patients by arranging caring skilled professionals to visit homes with a predetermined medical plan of care. In this way and by offering preventative care, the company serves as a branch of physician’s offices.

Sambritt Health Care provides aftercare for disease process, pain, medication and diet management. Furthermore, Sambritt aids patients who have undergone a surgical procedure and need assistance with wound care, IV therapy, injections, physical therapy, as well as patients with existing health conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol, arthritis, congestive heart failure, anemia, Osteoporosis, Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease and emphysema, among other issues.

Because the people leading Sambritt Health Care are passionately connected to the care they coordinate and provide for their community, Sambritt continues to stand out as a leading health care company in the Rio Grande Valley. And in the ever-changing world of health care, it is comforting to turn to a company that takes care of people as if they are family, relentlessly working to exceed expectations.