Expanding Digital Printing Possibilities at CopyZone


Technology is inescapable. Nearly every facet of our life is pervaded by technology — from work to play and everything in between. Technology doesn’t wait for anyone and if you or your business isn’t keeping up with it, you will be left in the dust by one of your competitors. This is the age of information, and with so much vital facts being stored, shared, and saved on paper, advanced printing solutions are more important than ever.

David Armstrong, president & CEO of Core Business Solutions, understands this concept very well. About 15 years ago, he started his company to help local businesses become more productive and efficient. Core Business Solutions has become the premier office solutions company in South Texas. It not only provides a wide array of business products and services, from office equipment to IT support services and commercial furniture, but also valuable expertise that produces measurable benefits to its customers.

Armstrong plans to take business solutions even further. His company has recently acquired CopyZone in McAllen, which is the largest print and copy service in the Rio Grande Valley.

“CopyZone was a great fit for Core Business Solutions,” Armstrong said. “They were already using a lot of our equipment, we were providing variable data services to our customers, and most importantly, all employees agreed to remain on board, giving us the most experienced print crew around.”  

CopyZone has a large and diverse customer base ranging from individuals who want to print birthday or wedding invitations, to schools wanting graduation programs, to lawyers needing to print case material, to engineers wanting multiple sets of wide format plans. With all his experience providing technology solutions to local businesses, Armstrong recognizes the importance of the needs of his broad customer base and is committed to providing clients with access and support to leading-edge technologies in the digital printing market.

As part of that commitment to leading-edge technology, Armstrong has equipped CopyZone with an AccurioPress C6085 machine, the very latest in full color production printing systems. The machine, which is nicknamed “The Beast,” is the largest print production machine in Valley.

“The machine gives us capabilities down here that nobody else has,” Armstrong said. Aside from increased production capacity, it also provides specialized services, like the ability to print on thicker paper, create large banners in one piece, large tri-fold projects, and book binding.

“Our intention is to continue to operate CopyZone as a separate business under its talented management team,” Armstrong said. “Where we come in is by referring additional business, upgrading their technology, and adding additional services that make sense. For example, we recently upgraded their IT infrastructure and management software, and added promotional items to the product offering.”

Additional services provided to the customers now include a full graphic design department; branded marketing merchandise — coffee mugs, pens, caps, and more; and variable data printing. Variable data printing offers the highest response rate on any type of advertising. It customizes a letter or postcard for each recipient. This capability allows business customers to outsource the printing and mailing of their invoices, statements, and notification letters. CopyZone also provides turnkey political campaign packages of street signs, mailers, fliers, and social media.

When asked about the future, Armstrong said that CopyZone is in growth mode, and looking to move into a new, modern facility in the fall. They also expect to open two to three branch locations around the Valley in the next two years.  

“We have to feed ‘The Beast’ and it needs a lot of work to fill it up,” Armstrong said.