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As an industry that is quickly expanding, the electrician field is a promising career path for students seeking a secure future. At the Technology Campus at South Texas College, electrician technology continues to be a highly sought after area of focus.

Highly qualified technicians are required in this particular industry, and STC is committed to training and developing candidates that will excel in this field. Electrician technicians are responsible for assembling, evaluating, and maintaining electrical wiring equipment as well as troubleshooting and repairing malfunctions and appliances.

Maria Gonzalez, electrician technology student at South Texas Technology Campus, recommends women pursue a career in this field, highlighting the potential success that comes from it for all.

“Technology is always changing but electricians will always be around to work that technology,” said Gonzalez.

Electrical technicians assist in creating, maintaining and repairing the electrical elements in any electric-based device. With the wind turbine industry growing, Gonzalez foresees an abundance in job opportunities. She believes women and men have the same amount of potential when it comes to pursuing a successful career path.

“You can do anything as a woman, if you just set your mind to it,” she said.

Familiar with the demand in electrical technology, she argues that those pursuing a career in this field is a decision that would benefit anyone interested. Gonzalez reassures women that the mentality that the electrician technology field is an industry exclusive for males is not true.

“There have always been more males in this industry, but we want to encourage women to get into the industry and be more independent and feel confident that they CAN do this job,” she said.

The electrician technology program at STC provides students with the opportunity to gain knowledge in the electrical industry. As stated on their curriculum, graduates from this program will learn to properly install electrical systems in many structures including factories, office buildings, and homes.

With this field come many stereotypes regarding who has the potential to succeed in it, but Gonzalez does not succumb to them nor does she believe others should too.

“I would recommend this program to other students, especially women because I know there are going to be more job opportunities as technicians to work in that field,” said Gonzalez.

Proud to be in a program that has taught her many useful skills, Gonzalez encourages other women to do the same. If you are a prospective student contemplating which career path to choose, the electrician technology field is booming with opportunities.

“Let’s break the cycle and let’s continue education here at South Texas technology campus, she said. “And remember, nobody can take that certificate away from you —  no one!”

Learn more about the electrician technology program and other essential careers at South Texas College by visiting bt.southtexascollege.edu/persist. Funding was provided through the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board with Carl D. Perkins Basic funds.

Students pursuing a career in Electrician Technology at STC may receive:


Electrician Assistant, Certificate

Associate Degree

Electrician Technology Associate of Applied Science

What career can I have as an Electrician Assistant?

  • A challenging and rewarding job as a:
    • Utility worker
    • Electrical maintenance worker
    • Sales in home improvement and supply companies
    • Self-employed (entrepreneur) business owner