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Go around the world without leaving McAllen this summer! The International Museum of Art and Science is hosting three international, child-friendly exhibits for the family to explore and enjoy. Spark an engaging conversation after the museum visit!


The world of Jan Brett

Explore the world of author Jan BrettReading invites children to explore their imaginations, traveling the globe and becoming a part of their favorite books. The World of Jan Brett, brings to life the stories of this beloved children’s author and illustrator. The exhibition features about 50 original paintings from Jan Brett’s bestselling books, including “Gingerbread Friends,” “The Umbrella,” and “Honey…Honey…Lion!”

Her illustrations are adored for their classic beauty and vibrant, life-like images of animals, landscapes and flourishes from cultures around the world. From cave paintings to Norwegian sleighs to Japanese gardens, she studies the traditions of the many countries that she visits and uses them as a starting point for her children’s books.The exhibition will be on display in Clark Gallery at IMAS through  Aug. 29, 2016.


Indigenous Weaving

Long sleeve indigenous weaving. Explore ancient cultures!

Indigenous Weaving: An Exhibition of Native Objects from the National Museum of History, Taiwan, provides visitors with a rare glimpse into the unique lifestyles and value systems of Taiwan’s indigenous peoples.

Weaving is a distinctive craft for the indigenous peoples of Taiwan. The indigenous tribes migrated to Taiwan thousands of years before the first Chinese Han immigration. The great variety of indigenous cultures and the diversity of their traditional knowledge have become an integral part of multi-cultural Taiwan. Young weavers in Taiwan are training in the ancient methods in an attempt to keep this rich culture from vanishing.

The exhibition, featuring 40 native weavings from Taiwanese indigenous peoples, including the Atayal, Truku, Amis, Puyuma, Paiwan, and Rukai tribes, will run through Oct. 2, 2016.


Here Be Dragons

Explore Here-Be-Dragons at IMAS

Featuring 4,000 square feet of hands-on interactive stations, Here Be Dragons will delight, engage, and inspire all ages by making connections between living, breathing dragons and those of fanciful folklore, literature, mythology, and legend. Visitors will explore human-dragon cultural and historical connections by traveling back to medieval times, across continents to Asia and through time with paleontology digs. Experience the thrill of a medieval catapult, become a paleontologist in the Dino dig box, create a magical world through puppets and much more. Plus, visitors will be able to see the real live “dragons” of today, as 20 real-life iving “dragon” species from around the world including Frilled Dragons, Basilisks and Monitor Lizards will be present to educate visitors about challenges to their survival.

The exhibition will be on display in the Discovery Pavilion at IMAS through Sept. 5, 2016. This exhibition is not included in general admission. There is a $5 additional entrance fee for this exhibit except for Family Premium Members and above.