EZ-Scape: Making Grass Easy 


Artificial grass is a synthetic substitute for regular grass, meant to be more durable, easier to maintain, and always look aesthetically pleasing. Despite a higher upfront cost than regular grass, its advantages make it cheaper over time, increasing property value where it is installed. The artificial grass industry has been growing across the U.S. for some time. However, it was only when Josh Stewart founded EZ-Scape, a company specializing in the professional installment of synthetic turf that had reached South Texas.

Stewart’s inspiration for the company came from wanting artificial turf at his home and being disappointed no one in the region installed it professionally.

“I started looking into the industry as a whole, globally, the artificial grass industry as a whole and saw that it was kind of exploding in different regions of the U.S., different parts of the world and wondered why it wasn’t down where we are,” said Stewart.

Proper installation of artificial grass is crucial for its functioning and appearance. If not correctly installed, it could lead to problems such as improper drainage, which can cause stagnant water.

“To do it properly, it’s a full like excavation and then reinstallation of proper drainage rock and edging and you know laying down the turf a certain way, it’s kind of an art to get it right,” said Stewart

A benefit of artificial turf is its ease of use, allowing people to spend a greater time enjoying their yard rather than caring for it. No mess is involved; it has no dirt, needs no fertilizer, and does not require trimming.

“People in general, when they’re home, they want to be enjoying their outside. They don’t want to be messing with bugs. They want to be playing, watching their kids play without getting muddy and all that kind of stuff. So just the sentiment around like, I’m home, we don’t have to worry about it. It always looks good. Let’s play, have fun,” said Stewart.

Artificial grass’s durability is a further advantage, making it impervious to the weather. In the summer or winter, it will remain green. Even beneath the Texas sun, for it does not need watering. This also makes it more economical, as it does not need watering, saving on water costs. A critical aspect in Texas, where dry weather is experienced, water restrictions prevent individuals from watering their grass.

Synthetic grass is also very easy to clean. With porous backings through which liquids can easily pass through, water drains to the soil underneath. This makes it very low maintenance, where such is limited to blowing, rinsing with a hose, and brushing. It is also a pet-friendly surface and can be easily cleaned.

A special feature EZ-Scape offers their clients is 3-D model renderings of the client’s property with synthetic turf installed. They were demonstrating how the turf would look when installed.

“We’re offering a 3-D design aspect that we can show people before committing to doing all this. You can visualize what everything is going to look like,” said Stewart.

EZ-Scape is a licensed distributor of FieldTurf, a global leader in the artificial grass industry. This means that all of EZ-Scape’s installations come with a warranty, backing up their service.

“All the products mostly come with 15-year warranties turf-wise but that doesn’t really matter unless it gets registered with the manufacturer. We have the capability to register the product. So, if anything happens, if we need to fulfill something warranty-wise, your product is registered, and it gets handled,” said Garcia.

EZ-Scape currently stands as a local business but offers services beyond the Rio Grande. FieldTurf is a global company, so they can connect with installers to install the grass anywhere.

“We can serve all of the Rio Grande Valley, that’s branched out to all of South Texas. We’ve done a couple of projects in San Antonio, Laredo, Roma, and Corpus. Full installs, like turnkey installations from just landscape turf to putting greens to playgrounds to sports fields. We just did our first project in San Diego, California, and we’re about to do our first couple in Mexico,” said Stewart.

For more information, call 956-707-1418 or visit their site at ez-scape.com.