In our Financial Advisors We Trust

Financial Advisors

Our financial system works largely because we trust it to. At any given time, Americans know the value of a their currency and can make decisions based on that constant information: a dollar is always worth 100 cents, and does not change. Thus, the importance of a dollar bill is amplified from vessel for economic exchange to symbol of trust.

The financial advisors entrusted to protect and grow the wealth of Walter J. Reyna Inc.’s clients further amplify that message. They put an emphasis on giving their clients peace of mind that their financial decisions are not only safe, but actively work towards their goals. “This business was built on honesty, integrity and trust,” explains Anthony Reyna, son of founder Walter J. Reyna. He has been taking a leading role alongside his father in the family business, which for over 30 years has built relationships with the Rio Grande Valley as one of the few Independent Registered Investment Advisory firms in the area.  As an IRIA, they are held to a higher fiduciary standard than most other financial firms or insurance agencies.  As a family operation, the advisors at Walter J. Reyna, Inc. hold themselves to a self-established standard by which generations of financial expertise and knowledge enables them to strategically plan for wealth protection and creation no matter the economic atmosphere.

Walter J. Reyna knew the value of multi-generational financial planning as well as the complications that come with it when he founded Walter J. Reyna, Inc. decades ago. His thorough understanding of effective financial planning proved crucial for his clients looking for fiduciary guidance. Many years after first opening his doors for business, he has successfully passed down his passion for finance and improving monetary assets to the next generation of Reynas: his two sons, Anthony and Daniel. Now, the father and son trio combines over 50 years of work experience and study in finance to guide their clients to their desired goals.

“Family is everything,” says Anthony Reyna. “It’s fantastic coming to work with my father and brother every day.”  Walter has always viewed hard work and camaraderie as the cornerstones of success.  As Anthony is a trained and licensed advisor, he is able to work hard managing client portfolios with his dad. Daniel is licensed for insurance and works in that capacity.  He is in the learning stages of his career, growing from the strong foundation established by his father and brother. Though he only recently  joined them,  Anthony says he admires Daniel’s fantastic people skills, which will play a large part in this business, where the relationship between financial advisor and client is paramount. “We are all very proud,” says Anthony. “I look forward to his success as time passes and he learns more here.”

Anthony and Daniel will uphold their father’s commitment to providing his clients the most direct guidance by laying out all outcomes available for each distinct profile. “Walter has been relied upon for years,” says Anthony, explaning that the Reyna family builds their clients’ confidence in their business by involving them in the process, and holds each partner at Walter J. Reyna, Inc. accountable to protect and grow these clients’ personal wealth and financial security through proactive measures and acute attention to detail. In this way, the up and coming leaders of financial advising at Walter J. Reyna, Inc. plan to uphold the trust granted to Walter J. Reyna, Inc. by the RGV.