From Daydream to Reality 


Providing the best possible dental care in a safe, relaxing environment characterizes the goal and atmosphere of Daydream Family Dentistry. The husband-and-wife team of Dr. Rafael Carrales and Dr. Gina Rinehart purchased the practice in 2015 from Dr. William Carter, fulfilling the dream of owning their practice where they can help others achieve their dream smile and optimal oral health.

“We decided to name it Daydream because of the long hours in the library sitting in front of a book or computer, and there would be fleeting moments where a daydream would just feel so good and promising,” said Rinehart. “So, the name became something that stuck with us since our days in dental school.”

Daydream Family Dentistry focuses on giving each patient their undivided attention while valuing their time. Not overbooking their schedules helps to keep appointments on time so there is less waiting. Explaining what they are doing and encouraging their patients to ask questions and express concerns helps to build trust in the dentist-patient relationship. Time is taken to gather as much data from x-rays and the oral exam as possible and determine the best comprehensive treatment plan for the patient.

“Our focus is family friendly, respect and compassion for each individual. We do not judge patients for their teeth or what condition they may be presented with,” said Carrales. “A comprehensive plan means taking the most amount of attention to detail and making the most predictable plan.”

Continuing education helps Dr. Carrales and Dr. Rinehart to provide the best dental care by improving their skills, keeping up with new technology and offering more services. Dr Carrales recently finished a fellowship with the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies (LVI) in Neuromuscular Dentistry, also known as physiologic dentistry. Neuromuscular Dentistry measures the muscles used for chewing. It places them in their most optimal position, making the muscles balanced and even. This method can help patients resolve major problems like TMD, muscle pain, headaches, vertigo, and ear ringing. Daydream Family Dentistry is excited to bring this service to the Valley. Dr. Carrales is the only dentist in the area with this training.

“What makes us special is the emphasis we place on our continuing education and technology,” said Carrales. “We invest each year in learning new techniques that have better outcomes.”

Dr. Rinehart has achieved the distinguished recognition of being a Zest Dental Solutions Master certified clinician. She offers many removable options for patients with missing teeth or needing a full mouth replacement. She also provides dental implant restorations.

“I pride myself on being extremely gentle with my left hand as much as my right,” said Rinehart. “It’s something that I work on every day.”

Daydream Family Dentistry is located at 519 S. Missouri Ave. in Weslaco. The clinic provides a range of services to its patients, including preventative care such as cleanings and more complex procedures like extractions and tooth replacements.

“Our favorite part of the job is the trust you develop with a patient,” said Rinehart. “There is an immediate and intimate relationship created with a patient. You work with your team to offer the very best.”

Dr. Carrales is a native of the Rio Grande Valley and attended UT-Pan-American. Dr. Rinehart graduated from Texas Lutheran University. They both attended Baylor College of Dentistry, graduating in 2013. They are faithful Christian Catholics who pray and practice their faith daily. Spending time with family is a priority for both dentists.

“We strive to exceed each patient’s expectations,” said Carrales. “Every day, we give our very best to meet those needs. It’s a difficult career, but with proper planning, the treatment will speak for itself.”

Joanney Uthe