Frontier Direct Care Expands to Brownsville 


Brownsville, Texas – We live in a world with a broken healthcare system. Our doctors are bogged down with 2 hours of paperwork for every hour of patient care. Insurance companies require them to have a full waiting room and to see around 20 patients a day for about 7 minutes each in order to paid a fair wage. Where does that leave their patients? Feeling unheard and, often, hit with unexpected and confusing bills (not to mention a little bit sicker after long wait times in the germ-filled office). Shouldn’t your healthcare be better? Don’t our doctors deserve more? Frontier Direct Care is taking on the broken healthcare system with a team of doctors and clinics who are caring for people, not the system by providing direct access to a physician with no wait time, no hidden costs, and no frustrating insurance issues.

Founded by Dr. Peter Lazzopina in 2018, Frontier Direct Care started out to simply restore the doctor-patient relationship in his Harlingen community and has grown into a movement of advocating for better, more affordable healthcare for the RGV’s diverse landscape of individuals. His vision has grown from a single clinic in downtown Harlingen to a wave of change backed by local investors (and doctors!) with a multi-million dollar growth plan of 4 more clinics before 2022. Frontier serves families, individuals, and small-to-medium sized businesses.

Frontier’s second location, inside Venture X – Brownsville, will open July 1st with Dr. Suja Perakathu leading the charge. Dr. Perakathu joins Frontier after 10 years of private practice. A long term resident of the Rio Grande Valley, she graduated from University Ovidius, Romania. Subsequently, she completed residency at Valley Baptist Family Practice in 2011. There, she refined the patient-centered approach to medical care that makes her one of the top rated doctors in the Rio Grande Valley. Dr. Perakathu joined Frontier Direct Care to enhance her ability to truly serve people well. She loves to help her patients live a healthy life and has advanced training in obesity medicine. In her spare time, she loves taking care of her 3 children, cooking delicious food, and singing her heart out.

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