The Business of Building


Jason Cano began learning the ropes of the family business in new home construction when he was just 17 years old.  He returned home every summer and holiday break during his college years at Texas State University of San Marcos to help his father on-site and gain further experience in the field.  After graduating in 2003 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management and Marketing, Cano came home to the Valley to stay and joined the ranks at Pinnacle Homes.  Rather than taking a job offer from a national homebuilder, Cano decided to learn every aspect of the business beyond construction management.  He also wanted to return to the area in which he knew he would one day start his own company.  And he was just getting started.

Knowing one day he would like to branch out and start his own custom home building business in the Valley that also involved real estate and investing, Cano learned every phase of construction with hands-on practice while studying the other elements of his future plans.  He obtained a real estate license in 2005 and began listing the homes that Pinnacle built.  In the same year, he took over the controlling interest of Pinnacle Homes, overseeing management, budgeting, planning, sales, and marketing.  In 2009, Cano formed his own company along with his brother Orlando, Cano & Cano Luxury Custom Homes, LLC.  As president, Jason Cano has plans to break ground on three luxury homes in Harlingen, with one in Water’s Edge Subdivision and two in the Treasure Hills Country Club.  The company is currently under construction on a 6,500 square foot, high-end, country-style home for a client.  They are also working with several clients on custom plans for their future new homes, as preliminary plan design is an added service they offer at no cost.

Cano is currently pursuing two designations, a CGB, Certified Graduate Builder, and a CGP, Certified Green Professional, through the National Association of Homebuilders.  The CGB is an exclusive professional designation that emphasizes business and project management skills as the keys to a professional building operation.  It requires that graduates meet prescribed standards of both practice and experience and complete a comprehensive education curriculum, as well as pledge to uphold the program’s code of ethics.

Additionally, Jason is organizing a charity called “Homes for Hope” in Harlingen that aims to build or remodel a home for a family facing challenging times.  He will be making a cash donation to the charity, along with raising funds from suppliers, vendors, subcontractors, and the local community.

“This is a work in progress, but I am confident that I will be able to raise the money to make this happen.  It could really change someone’s life,” Cano asserts.

As if these accomplishments were not enough, Jason Cano, a licensed real estate broker, will soon be opening his own real estate brokerage company, Cano & Company Real Estate Solutions.  It will be a full-service real estate brokerage that covers residential, commercial, and agricultural properties.  He recently began Cano & Company Premiere Properties as an outlet to sell his clients’ properties at no cost to them if they are in the process of building with his company.  He is also offering a no-commission-fee transaction to former clients who end up reselling their new homes through his real estate company.  Also in the works is another branch, a real estate investment company, ACQUIRE Real Estate Investments, which will offer investment opportunities for new residential and commercial construction projects and wholesale deals.

“Custom homebuilding and real estate investing are what I love doing, and I view it as a creative art.  Today, homebuyers are looking for not only creative design, innovative architecture, and quality construction, but also a builder who will listen to their needs and design a home that fits their lifestyle.  Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our attention to detail throughout the process of building a new home.  Each home I build is as unique as its owner.  From location selection to completion of construction, I am personally involved to assure the complete satisfaction of the homeowners,” Cano reassures.

He is working to create a brand that stands for quality, service, respect, professionalism, creativity, and innovative design.  The “Cano Concept” of doing business is pretty simple.

“We never ‘over promise then under deliver.’  I am honest and straightforward with every prospect or client.  At the end of every project, my clients are always happy and proud of their investment.  Our goal is to exceed our clients’ expectations,” Jason states.

Cano knows a home is one of the biggest investments most families will ever make, and that kind of investment is a culmination of years of hard work and saving.  He wants clients to enjoy the process and be completely satisfied with not only the finished product, but with the service after the sale as well.  He is proud of their firm reputation of standing behind their home warranty, which offers a10 year structural warranty and a 2 year mechanical and craftsmanship warranty.  In many cases, they even work to create “instant equity” for their home buyers, which means the value of the new home is worth more than the purchase price.  This opportunity really paid off for one recent client who purchased a home, lived in it for less than one year, and then sold the property, gaining nearly a $20,000 profit in that short time frame.

Cano has learned that a smooth building process can be paved by being organized, professional, honest, and upfront in his business dealings.  At the root of this is their business concept of never over promising or under delivering.  Cano disagrees with the building practice of saying anything to persuade a prospect to accept a bid.  He stays away from deceiving cost structures or surprise costs.

Having a lengthy list of satisfied buyers pleases Jason greatly.  Referrals and word-of-mouth keeps clients coming through the door. And happy clients have offered to open their new homes to the company’s prospects as an offering of a great example of their custom work.  Cano & Cano Luxury Custom Homes incorporates the latest design ideas that balance form, function, and value.  Superior construction, quality details, cost effectiveness, energy-saving features, and attention to detail helps the Cano brothers to exceed customer expectations, elicit referrals, and keep resale values high.

The future looks bright for Jason Cano’s ventures.  He foresees a custom homebuilding company with a full service real estate company and in-house floor plan drafters.  He would love to expand into building model homes in McAllen and Corpus Christi.  Land development, subdivision expansion, and multifamily and commercial projects are also on the horizon.

“Everything we do will be different.  We’re never cookie cutter; I want to leave a mark on every home and development we create,” Jason guarantees.

“My goals are finally becoming reality.  I want to create a brand that can thrive in any market.  With the right people and systems in place, I believe this is possible.  I have big dreams and big goals for expansion into new territories, and I am eager to see what the future holds,” Cano reflects.

With his grand business plans readily underway, Jason Cano has created quite the extensive resume, and all before turning 30.  He has certainly put his own custom stamp on “Generation Next.”

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