Getting Fit with Doctors


The staff of physical therapists at Doctor’s Physical Therapy & Sports Institute (DPTSI), does a lot under one roof to keep the Valley active and healthy — or help people recover from injuries. Along with physical therapy services, the company has a full-service gym to keep RGV residents in tip-top shape to avoid injury and stay mobile in life. 

DPTSI FIT is a functional fitness training gym with a focus on preparing members for real-life functional movement and activities. DPTSI FIT provides its members with guidance from specialists with extensive educational backgrounds in a range of fields: physical therapy, strength and condition, yoga, sports therapeutic massage, and much more. 

Dr. Andre Acuña and Dr. Anessa Acuña, functional movement specialists and doctors in physical therapy, have assembled a team dedicated to providing science-based and purpose-driven training for optimal results. Another main goal is to make sure people working out are able to handle and properly perform exercises with guidance instead of loading up on weights and creating an injury-prone situation. 

Motions such as lunging, squatting, reaching, pushing, pulling, and lifting are made easier with functional fitness training integrated into an exercise routine.  With a focus on training the body to perform real-life activities with real-life situations, clients will reduce the risk of pulling muscles when trying to perform daily tasks. Things as mundane as trying to lift boxes or picking up objects from the floor can turn into serious injury and DPTSI FIT wants to help avoid that scenario. 

The gym provides members with workout options, including open-gym exercise, circuit-based training, 1-to-1 personal training, sports performance, and skill training along with that aforementioned injury prevention training and recovery. 

Workouts are designed to unify the different muscle groups in the body to help make members feel and perform better in all aspects of life, regardless of if you stock shelves, sit at a desk, or play competitive sports. DPTSI FIT offers eight heart-rate monitored classes and focuses on the proper use of weights, ropes, kettlebells, barbells, self-powered endurance machines, medicine balls, and more. Injuries related to people over-exerting themselves in the gym are far too common. 

DPTSI FIT members and non-members are given the option to have a functional movement screening to assess participants’ strength, balance/proprioception, mobility, range of motion and power. Members also have an option to conduct a full body composition scan with the InBody 570, a high-tech device that can track fat loss, muscle gain, water levels, and more. Every step of your fitness journey can be tracked, monitored, and celebrated.

Since DPSTI FIT is part of the DPTSI family, wellness and recovery options are available in-house, including sports massage, cupping massage, hot-stone massage, joint manipulations, and dry needling. Members don’t need to be afraid of giving their all during their workout because top-notch recovery is under the same roof. 

Consider DPTSI FIT your one-stop shop for exercise, health, wellness, recovery, and injury prevention.

The DPTSI FIT gym is located at 9120 N. 23 St. in McAllen. The DPTSI Clinic can be found in Edinburg at 5216 S. Jackson Road. For more information on their programs, visit or call them at (956) 205-2704.