Getting to Know Furniture



Whenever you enter a home, what would catch your attention? Perhaps it is the furniture occupying the space. Just like there are hundreds of personalities, how one decorates their home is unique. Traditional, rustic, glam, and modern are some of the many home furniture styles one can find inspiration from.

To further explain this, Olga Maldonado, a display manager at Lacks, spoke about shopping for furniture and current trends.

How do you approach decorating a new space?

Maldonado: “Well, figuring out how to decorate, organize and add style can be a challenge. But overall, my objective is to be able to inspire and help create something that attracts our customers. First, I look at the new space, get inspired to create the room setting, imagine what it can look like and make it happen. [I] look for a focal point and start designing. It can take different [shapes] until you are completely satisfied with what you created. With the right interior design vision, furnishings, wall color, and decoration, your empty space can change from dull to exciting.”

Lacks offers many styles of furniture and accessories. Where do you get inspiration to make the store look beautiful?

Maldonado: “Decorating is much like fashion; you dress up and accessorize with the right earrings and shoes. With so many beautiful furniture and accessories, Lacks makes it easy to design. You can take any room, accessorize it, and give it a personal touch. For example, when the living room is set up, we include tables, lamps, a rug, and a picture frame or mirror. We include color, if needed, with throw pillows and greenery. If you have a large space, you can include a fireplace and an accent chair. Always accessorize in proportion and coordination with the furniture. And always keep in mind we don’t want to overcrowd a room with too many accessories. Give your home the style [aesthetic] you are trying to achieve and transform your room into a beautiful space.”

What accessories/accents do you count on to really bring a room together/make it look polished and why?

Maldonado: “Accessories like rugs, lamps, florals, and fireplaces define your space and make it interesting. [To] make a room look polished, all the furniture and accessories must tie together. This will feel balanced and will satisfy a sense of order while making your house feel like a home. My personal go-to accessory would be a mirror and a rug. A mirror will always make a room look bigger and [it] can be accompanied by a picture frame and/or artwork. A rug will define your area or unify the furniture.”

What advice would you give someone who is furnishing a new house?

Maldonado: “I suggest starting by furnishing the most important rooms first. Identify the rooms you will probably spend most time in and the ones that will give the first impression to people walking in. Choose your furniture by determining what you love. Consider size, comfort, and style. And accessorize! Small additions can make a huge difference in your home, making it cozy and interesting.”

What is your favorite home furniture trend of 2021 and why?

Maldonado: “My favorite home furniture trend of 2021 would probably be [the] Scandinavian style. I like the raw woods and stone tops. It has a warm [and] modern [look] with a blend of textures. It is functional, beautiful, and can work with different colors from natural to blues, whites, and blacks. But overall, the furniture at Lacks can [supply] any style for all different people. You can find rustic, traditional, industrial, transitional, and glam, to mention a few. Lacks is perfect for individuals with different style preferences.”