Going the Extra Mile


Four cheers for Gold Financial’s top performers

For more than 20 years, Gold Financial has been providing highly personalized mortgage services, but you won’t find any unapproachable “banker types” among their ranks of loan originators. The Gold team knows that behind each loan is a person’s story, and they care about each one. With a vested interest in every individual who comes into Gold Financial, the staff work hard empowering them to achieve their dreams of homeownership. Four of Gold Financial’s top performers in the Rio Grande Valley share how they set themselves apart when serving Valley residents; they attribute their success to being  personable, ambitious, innovative, and dedicated.

Fostering Relationships

Kenneth Hammonds has been the branch manager for the McAllen office of Gold Financial for the last two years. As a 15-year veteran of the mortgage business, Hammonds admits he was astonished by the family dynamic at Gold Financial. He recalled a phone call he received from the owner after being with the company a few months. “This man probably had a million other things to do, but he called to check on me. He truly cares about his people. This is a man — a company — I will always be loyal to. ”

When leadership constantly sets that example for employees, friendliness becomes embedded in the company culture. “In this business, relationships are everything,” Hammonds said. “It’s not just business, it is what’s going on in people’s lives, how their kids are, what ups or downs someone may be going through. Being there for your relationships is important. You’ve got to care for people.”

golden2The ability to help more people achieve homeownership is what motivates Corina Backer. She believes in educating her clients, keeping them on track, and challenging herself. Every expectation she has for herself is never enough; she always expands on every goal she sets. “No matter what little goal I set for myself, I set it, but then I just go that little extra because I want to feel good about things — that I met my goal and more,” she said. For example, if she tells a client she will try to close in 30 days, she pushes for 20 instead.

The support she receives from Gold Financial has allowed her to keep building up her business.  “Whenever I challenge myself, they support me 100 percent, asking what I need from them to accomplish my goal,” Backer said. She cites her loan partner/assistant, Sandy Reyes, as one of the reasons she’s so successful in satisfying customers.

“Sandy is so knowledgeable and is very hands-on with each client’s file,” Backer said. “She is a ‘Jill of all trades.’ We are a team and I couldn’t accomplish my success without her.”

Next-Level Tech

Ricardo Torres innovated to assist his referral partners in reaching out and helping more people get into their dream homes. “I went stronger and deeper with my relationships with my referral partners,” Torres said. “By having more and more conversations and getting to know how they’re doing their business, I saw how my business can complement theirs.”  

Torres implemented more technology to boost his performance and add more value to what he brings to Gold Financial. He works with realtors, helping them with open houses by using social media to bring prospective homebuyers in to see what is available. “I embraced technology — different pieces of it that can enhance what I was already doing,” he said. Torres put systems in place to take care of more customers and help more people. He said that adding mobile applications, database systems and customer relationship management systems has taken him to the next level “because there is only so much you can remember and so much you can do on paper.”

Owning Your Work

Lisa Olgin takes a hands-on approach that gives her control over her business dealings. “I’m the person who’s going to help you throughout the whole transaction,” she said. “I’m not going to say, ‘OK, it was nice meeting you; now from here you can go talk to some other person.’” Olgin is happiest making things work for her clients and solving problems that others have not been able to solve. “I take pride in my work, and I love what I do,” she said.

Olgin says she was given the opportunity to flourish at Gold Financial. The support and encouragement have allowed her to keep moving forward with every opportunity she could make for herself. “It was tough at the beginning as I was a building my network,” she said. However, eventually more people were noticing her commitment to her clients, and that led to more referrals which led her to be recognized as a top producer — and an inspiration to her sons.  

quoteGold Financial believes in people first and prides themselves on providing the best possible service they can for Valley residents through personalized assistance and innovative mortgage solutions. The people at Gold Financial really value the trust put in them by their clients and have responded by consistently stepping up and going that extra mile for them.  

“I’m committed to my clients because they’re entrusting me with something that they’ve always dreamed of having,” Olgin said. “You should always treat people the way you want to be treated, and you should always be there for them.”