Golden Palms Rehabilitation and Retirement



Rehabilitation and retirement communities such as Golden Palms Rehabilitation and Retirement in Harlingen are becoming more popular in the United States as a large portion of the population is reaching retirement age. As they age, people don’t necessarily like to consider themselves as “old,” and want to continue leading an active life in a community that offers services to keep them independent.

Golden Palms offers short-term rehabilitation and long-term rehabilitation care, as well as Assisted Living and Independent Living Apartments. There are also aquatic and outpatient therapy services. One major highlight for residents is they get to experience a maintenance-free retirement.

“We provide assisted living services where we have nurses on-call 24/7,” said Norma Colwell, Golden Palms operations manager. “We have hospitality aids, CNAs, and medical techs always here to provide any service needs.

“Their kids don’t have to worry about whether mom or dad has had a warm cooked meal. If a resident would like to eat out with family or friends, Golden Palms has their own mini diner open to the community.  We have our new Palms 50’s Diner where you can order anything from a cheeseburger and fries with a milkshake to a soup and salad.”

Amenities like these are what make Golden Palms the ideal place for active retired adults and for those who need some time to recover after hospitalization, but are not yet ready to go to their homes. Families can rest assured that their loved ones have access to care.

Golden Palms offers many resources, such as speech, physical, and occupational therapies, and wound care. If a resident is a veteran, Golden Palms is “service-connected”,  meaning veterans can come to Golden Palms and use their benefits to subsidize their rent.

Located in the Treasure Hills community, the center is tailored to the needs of residents looking for a peaceful setting. There is a heated swimming pool onsite, a hair salon, a renovated restaurant, and many activities that keep residents busy. Amenities such as these give seniors access to continued socialization that will make their retirement years fun.

Events are also available to offer residents social gatherings, volunteer opportunities, exercise, and other ways to stay active and involved. Golden Palms is designed to offer a friendly and low-maintenance lifestyle to seniors.

Currently, the community is undergoing renovations to the parking lot and grounds, and the apartments are also being updated to restore their beauty to what it was when it first opened its doors more than 35 years ago.

Other renovation projects in the works include: updates to the Chandelier Room, a meeting room; the deli is being remodeled and is now the Palms 50’s Diner.; and most recently a large conference room called the Texas Room has also been remodeled. The Texas Room is open to the community for forums, presentations, trainings, and more.

Residents and their families will be impressed by the grounds, activities, professional rehabilitation services, and the overall care and focus on the mind, body, and spirit in order to continue a happy and vibrant life through retirement.

“If you haven’t visited Golden Palms, we encourage you to come,” Colwell said. “We are happy that we are able to provide services to our seniors. Our job is to provide services to any senior that wants to live here.”