Can you imagine the impact 1 million dollars would have on helping to improve a child’s education? Texas’ San Diego ISD’s Collins-Parr Elementary School was awarded more than five times that — $5,353,000 — to boost education at the campus.

Under the direction of Linda V. Alaniz, the staff at Educational Research Institute was able to secure the highly competitive Texas Title I Priority Schools (TTIPS), Cycle 5 grant. Collins-Parr Elementary was one out of 18 campuses awarded in the state of Texas, with approximately 48 applications received by the Texas Education Agency (TEA). “Our ERI staff worked countless hours to prepare a high-quality proposal for Collins-Parr Elementary and this can be reflected in the 5.3 million dollar funded application,” Alaniz said. “We are excited to see this grant unfold over the four-year period and will provide guidance to both campus and district administrators throughout this process.”

Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 12.56.14 PMIn order to meet these objectives, the campus has begun utilizing grant funds to hire one new teacher, five educational aides, and a project director. Funds will also be utilized to provide a variety of professional development trainings for the teachers and administrators at Collins-Parr Elementary, as well as those designed to increase parental involvement, classroom management, and PBIS initiatives. Moreover, necessary supplies and equipment, including electronic tablets and student software will be purchased to supplement existing campus resources for the four-year period.

In addition, the grant has allowed the campus to purchase a full Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Lab that will supplement and align to the daily classroom instruction, as well as expand its pre-K classrooms from a half-day program to full-day starting the 2017-18 academic school year. “The TTIPS grant has made a significant impact on our level of preparedness,” said Dr. Samuel Bueno, superintendent of San Diego ISD. “Teachers and administration finally have the resources and tools to fully educate our community’s early childhood population. A most evident example is that we have enrolled 88 pre-K students versus only 38 last year. The impact of TTIPS will be significant for many years to come. Just the enrollment alone tells us how much more a school district will do when provided adequate resources. Thanks TTIPS grant!”