Greater Mission Chamber of Commerce Member Spotlight Q&A: eReal Estate Depot


We sat down with the Greater Mission Chamber of Commerce’s Featured Member of the Month Dolly Elizondo, owner of eReal Estate Depot in Mission. She shared a little about her experience as a business owner in Mission and with the Greater Mission Chamber of Commerce.

RGVision: Tell us a little about what you do.

Dolly Elizondo: I am the broker/owner of eReal Estate Depot. eReal Estate Depot is a full-service real estate company. We do everything having to do with real estate, including property management, residential sales, residential buys, and commercial investments.

R: How did eReal Estate Depot get started?

DE: eReal Estate Depot started in the year 2003. We are 15 years old. And it started out as myself leading a different company. I was a salesperson before the year 2000 and I decided to become a businesswoman and that’s how eReal Estate Depot was created.

R: How many employees do you have?

DE: Real estate brokerages are a little different. I do maintain employees, but we also have licensed real estate agents and that is the bulk of what a real estate company does. We broker different agents who go out and represent clients. And currently we have about seven agents.

R: How does the Greater Mission Chamber of Commerce help your business?

DE: The Mission Chamber of Commerce is a wonderful organization. The ability for them to bring community business people together to learn something, or the community together to be aware of a business is spectacular. I was born and raised in Mission — been here all my life — and I’ve had a lot of experience with the Mission Chamber. My business has been better for it. They offer advertising venues that have helped bring in business to me. They’ve offered events that help me network with different brokers in the area and with different companies. So it’s been a very positive and good experience with the Mission Chamber.

R: Would you recommend others to the Greater Mission Chamber of Commerce?

DE: I would recommend that the business community look into the Chamber and become a member. Only because if you want to expand your business, that is the place to go to. One of the most interesting facts about Mission — which speaks to what the Chamber does — is that our intersection here on Shary Road and Expressway 83 is the number one intersection in the entire county as far as traffic is concerned. And I think Mission Chamber had a lot to do with the promotion of businesses and the growth and I just feel that Mission is on a trajectory to grow even more.

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