In a country with a swelling population and increasing health needs, the medical system has been challenged to serve more people while still maintaining a high standard of care.

Neighbors Emergency Center has heard the feedback of the community and is pushing innovative ways of treating the patient. It’s a model that Dr. Michael Mohun and his team at Neighbors Emergency Center in McAllen believe in and serve on a daily basis.

“At Neighbors, we adhere to an old philosophy, ‘If mom and dad were not around, who would you want to care for your children,” said Dr. Mohun. “It’s a simple belief that your caretaker cares as much for you as he or she would for their own family.”

Dr. Mohun, who is Board Certified in Emergency Medicine, discussed one of the main challenges facing patients who travel into a traditional ER facility.

“Patients are often frustrated by the lack of time with the doctor they receive in a standard hospital ER. At Neighbors, people are surprised by the amount of time they get to spend with our doctors. It’s a shift for them. Fortunately, we have the flexibility to really dive into a patient’s problems and provide a higher standard of care. Caring for people is the spark that our physicians are motivated by, and we practice that every day.”

Neighbors Emergency Center, is also on the cutting edge of technology used to properly diagnosis and treat patients. The facility offers offer treatment for all major and minor injuries, as well as cardiology, and OBGYN services in their emergency rooms. In addition, they are fully equipped with a CT Scanner, X-Ray, Ultrasound, and more.

While Neighbors rolls out the ‘red carpet treatment’ for their patients daily, it also brings the same high standards when working with the community.

“We have only been open a short time, but already we have been very active in the community,” said Dr. Mohun. “We a participating sponsor for the Fajita Cook-Off in October, a community 5k in Harlingen, and fundraisers for various charities throughout South Texas. We are continually  looking for opportunities for involvement in the community. We are committed to McAllen and the Rio Grande Valley.”

In addition, Neighbors will work closely with the nurses and caretakers in McAllen’s school districts. When these men and women exhaust their budget for medical supplies, they are often reaching into their own pocket to cover the cost of additional supplies. Neighbors assists by asking these caretakers for a list of their needs, and works hard to get them what they request. It’s another sign of its commitment to the health and well-being of McAllen residents.

In the future, the company plans on continuing work with the local Fire Departments, Boy and Girl Scouts, and other community-focused organizations. Neighbors invites you to their next event, a 5k put on in collaboration with the City of Harlingen and Footworks. The half marathon takes place Nov. 13 and registration opens Oct. 10. Recently, the NEC McAllen team placed first in Redfish at Valley Haven’s 2nd Annual Boat & Kayak fundraising Fishing Tournament. With many more events to come, Neighbors Emergency Center intends to be a long-standing and contributing member of the cities they serve.

For Dr. Mohun and his team, the reasons for opening an emergency center and working in the field of emergency medicine are simple.

“For myself and our other 10 other physicians, Neighbors Emergency Center stands for excellence in care. We want the patient to leave our care saying, ‘I can’t believe this is an emergency room.'”

For the residents of the Rio Grande Valley and generations to come, the highest standards of care in a world-class emergency center can be found at Neighbors Emergency Center(s). The physicians at Neighbors Emergency Center are blazing a new trail that will improve the health of the community.

For more information on Neighbors Emergency Center, please visit or contact NEC liasions for upcoming event details:chernandez01@neighborshealth. com for Hidalgo County and mdelapaz@ for Cameron County.