HCISD Aquatic Center


“Knowing that you’re practicing at a new facility makes you excited to train and want to do better,” said Michael Garza, incoming freshman at Harlingen School of Health Professions. “You feel more prepared for higher ranking meets, because you’ll have the opportunity to practice with the best equipment.”

It’s not only students that are excited, parent Tina Garza is looking forward to what the facility will mean for fellow supporters and their competition experience.

“I’m excited that we will be able to see our students compete in our own backyard, said Tina.” It gives them an advantage by training at the facility, and for my younger one, I hope it will give him an early spark to continue swimming. It brings more support to these programs and our students by giving families more opportunities to attend the events.”

Although in progress, there are also plans to expand the facility’s services for staff and community use.

Voters approved the new facility in May 2010 as part of the $98.6 million bond initiative. Additional bond projects include the AG Farm, Performing Arts Center, the new Memorial Middle School campus and Boggus Stadium renovations.